We have all been there at some point, when our kids pretend in play clothing or don’t want to change clothes as they want to be a princess or some other character. As grown up we often dress as per our planned activities for a day. We let our social brain determine what’s appropriate and comfortable based on previous interactions we’ve had with our friends, colleagues, the weather and other people’s expectations of us.

Children do it quite differently from us and are typically more open to new ideas of what suits them at home and in public. It’s okay for your child to opt to dress like a superhero, her favorite animal or as a princess and head out to the nearest grocery store for shopping. Dressing your daughter should be a fun and natural way to bond.

Sadly, adults tend to steer kids from their originality in matters dressing as we fear other people might judge us or flat out mention we ought not to allow our children to dress in a particular way.

But today we’re are encouraging you to become your child’s hero, ignore other people’s opinion and persuade your kid to express themselves through the creative dressing.

Supposing that your daughter loves to don her favorite superheroes attire, encourage her to don a superhero costume.

Following this, here are the 5 tips for dressing your daughter like a superhero.

1. Allow her to choose the favorite superheroes attire without your intervention

It’s vital that you allow your daughter to make her choice on the superhero costume she desires the most. Letting your kid make an independent decision will enable her to learn how to control a few things in her life. Don’t force her to wear a Wonder Woman costume because she’s perhaps your favorite hero character while she prefers to don cat woman’s attire.

Kids look to express their individuality in daily interactions and to choose their preferred hero costumes is one way of doing so.

2. Find a fitting outfit

Your daughter knows her hero’s body type. For instance, she knows Iron Man is well-built. In the case that she desires an Iron Man costume and yet she’s slender, buy her an outfit made from compression stuff to help your daughter get the real Iron Man look.

The striking resemblance will intrigue your daughter having recreated an image much similar to what she sees on television.

3. Seek expert help

Nobody wants to buy generic stuff and result in replacing it every so often. The same applies to hero costumes. While the internet and streets may be littered with outfit experts, none matches the I Am Superhero online store. Their testimonial section boasts of over 43,000 positive reviews from happy clients all around the globe.

4. Seek advice from parents with previous experience in buying hero costume

Perhaps second in effectiveness to the last point, seek the help of a parent who has engaged in buying hero costumes for their kid. Who knows, they enable you to land a bargain!

5. Set rules on appropriate days to wear superhero costume

Obviously, not all settings allow for kids to dress in a hero’s costume. Your kid might land in trouble if they were to go to school on a regular day – disregarding costume days if the school has any – therefore, explain this to your child.   

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