Microsoft Outlook is a product of Microsoft Office. You can buy Outlook 2016 in Australia, the latest version, for your business at an affordable price and it will prove to be a worthy investment for your business. This is why:

  1.    Works well with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.

Outlook is the best to use if your business’ email server runs Microsoft Exchange. The two are very compatible and the pro is that the employees do not need to know a lot about IT to operate it. It works very easily; you just open Outlook on your computer, enter your email address and immediately Outlook and Exchange interact. This makes it less cumbersome when the employees change computers and also eliminates the need for intervention by the IT department. Additionally, Microsoft Exchange supports Active Directory, thus a user’s information in Active Directory is passed on to the Microsoft Exchange server just by opening Outlook on any computer. No login information is required since Active Directory stores the email address. You just open Outlook, which automatically finds the right email address, logs you in and then you can send your email.

  1.    Integrate with many devices and Applications.

You can sync any smartphone or PDA with Outlook. Third party applications for various Windows mobile phones and Blackberry, like Skype and ACT! communicate with outlook. This extends even to desktop tools since it is hard to find one that does not work with Outlook.

  1.    Integration across email, calendar and contacts.

Outlook offers access to an address book, task list, virtual sticky notes and a calendar. These pieces are all integrated; thus, doing one task can directly affect another. It’s easy to delegate tasks, making it easy for the employee to know what tasks they have been given, while the employer gets updates on their progress.

  1.    Gives the user offline access to their emails.

Outlook allows the user to access their email account even when they are offline, unlike in other applications. You can read emails and send replies even when there is no internet connection. The emails are then sent when the internet connection is re-established. The advantage of using it is that you can access your mail inbox unlike in other programs, like Gmail, that need an internet connection to access. Even when you use Gmail offline, you can only get a backlog of only a month, and it can only be accessed on Google Chrome and Safari.

  1.    Easy-to-use user interface.

Outlook is widely used in many businesses around the world because it is a product of Microsoft Office, which is the most largely used software in the world. This makes it’s user interface familiar to many users in businesses, thus eliminates the need for extra hours and costs to teach employees how to use it. It’s also easy to categorize various items, like appointments, tasks, messages, into more than one category if need be, and it even features colour coding for those that may need visual cues to help them organize their work. There’s also a larger range of search parameters for your emails if you need to find something from the past.

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