We all hate hair loss! It changes one’s appearance in a manner that can easily hurt their self-esteem. Luckily, it’s reversible. All one has to do is make use of a good hair loss product. Unfortunately, this industry like every other industry out there has been invaded by counterfeits and outright scams. There are many products out there that are all hyped about hair regrowth but will never achieve that goal. You need quality, tried and tested products for you to achieve hair regrowth.  To help you out with this, here are the top 4 products that can help with hair loss in 2018.

Viviscal hair loss treatment

If you want exceptional results as you try to regrow your hair, well, here is a good product that can do so with no side effects at all, and that’s Viviscal. Viviscal has biotin and B-Vitamin as its key ingredients. These two are scientifically proven to help with hair regrowth.  On top of that, Viviscal contains Fern Extract an ingredient that enhances scalp health. That’s because an unhealthy scalp is one of the contributory factors to hair loss. Viviscal is also designed to regulate oil production on the skin, which helps protect against a dry scalp and the resultant hair loss. By using this product, you are assured of hair regrowth, and in a very short period.

Ultra labs Hair rush supplement

This product is designed to work on hair thickness as a technique for fighting hair loss. That’s because in most cases attributable to thinning. To achieve this end, this product contains Keratin, an ingredient that is scientifically proven to improve hair regrowth within one month. This product is also designed to increase blood flow to the scalp to protect it from drying, since a dry scalp weakens the hair follicles. This is achieved through 23 blood-flow enhancing vitamins that all make up the Ultra Labs supplement.


Coconut oil has been used for hair treatment for more than 3000 years. That’s definitely a proven product, and it’s the main ingredient in biotin. By taking biotin, you are guaranteed of hair regrowth through a natural process that is proven over millennia. On top of that, biotin has no artificial additives, which makes it the perfect product for someone who is into natural products.

Arts naturals’ organic oil

This product is so good that it was awarded the best hair loss product in 2016. It has a mixture of natural components such as thyme, white willow bark, rosemary and Aloe Vera as some of its main ingredients. These are ingredients that are scientifically tested and proven to help strengthen hair follicles. It also has caffeine in it, an ingredient that is known to work on the hair shaft and hasten hair growth. This is part of what makes arts naturals’ one of the best products out there. It offers the quick results that many people are looking for.

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