How many of you rely on gadgets to keep your child occupied from time to time? My hand is raised. The convenience and the time we get to be able to do things that we need to get done makes it so that we allow our kids to use gadgets more and more. To help us minimize use and filter the content they come across there’s a parental control app such as Kidslox.

Kidslox has many usable features. When I first set it up though I have to admit I was confused. The app will be installed on the parent’s phone and the child’s phone. This way you can make changes in the app when you’re not with your child. You can also control what they use and get reports of their activities online.

Installing the app was simple. There weren’t any extra steps to take as I’ve experienced with some parental control apps. You can choose to have a password (highly recommended) in a number, word or pattern form.

Log in

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3 Modes

There are 3 modes Parent, Child and Lockdown. This is where I got confused. I was on Jael’s phone trying to set daily limits and define restrictions but my changes weren’t working. The thing about this is to make sure that when you’re in Parent Mode to make the changes then go back to Child Mode so that they take effect. When the phone is on Lockdown mode but you need to extend it for whatever reason you can do so and choose how long.

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If you want to carve out time for homework, chores, bedtime etc you can do this under the Schedules section. You can create a schedule define the start and end times and easily activate and deactivate it.

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I talked to Jael about daily limits. On weekdays he’s allowed 6 hours and within that there’s a limit for entertainment (Netflix, iFlix, etc) and games. On weekends I extend this. As you can see he has plenty of digital time and sometimes I feel guilty not having more time to spend time with him. I make sure though that he’s not on his phone all day and reads and plays. He likes playing outside so he goes out, too. The 6 hour limit though covers me during work when he’s home from school and just before he sleeps. Being a single work at home mom of 3 is not easy….

Daily Limits

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Here’s a full list of the Restrictions section. Here’s where you’ll see Games, Entertainment, etc and give them access or not to what’s listed. The padlocks in green are apps that have been locked and he doesn’t have access to. The ones in red are unlocked.



You will get a 14 day free trial to try their Premium plan and see if it works for you and accommodates your needs. After which if you decide not to purchase you’ll be put on their Basic plan.

The current prices are:
Monthly subscription = $3.99
6 month subscription = $19.99
1 year subscription = $39.99

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