From time to time it’s nice to have a good reminder of why I started blogging. A recent interview with FEU Manila High School Humanities and Social Sciences Strand Students gave me the opportunity to recount my start in blogging and also put things into perspective. My blogging journey has been a blessing so far. I’m competitive by nature so I always feel like I can do much better. I wish I had more time to do it but work will always be a priority.

Angela, Krizl, Claire, Maimai, Jaylene, Sofia, Leif, Aljon sat me down for an interview into my blogging experience focusing on my experiences in working in being a blogger, decoding media languages such as visual, sound, written, verbal and non-verbal cues that I embed in my posts and also the codes (technical and symbolic codes) and conventions within it.


The one question that had me thinking was “What was my number one challenge being a blogger?” This is something I had already pondered about and I’m sure there are other mommy bloggers who feel the same way.



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