The role played by a teacher in the life of a student is  crucial. It is thru the way they impart their lessons that a child truly learns. The teachers of Seriously Addicitive Math (or S.A.M) are no different.  They hold the crucial key to how students are able to learn Singapore math concepts and ideas- especially those that run counter to what they have been taught in regular schools. All S.A.M Teachers under go a comprehensive Singapore Math training and passes the SAM trainers test to make sure that they are qualified and capable to be a SAM Teacher.

Teacher Michelle Enriquez, of  the S.A.M Learning facility in West Ave., Q.C. is very impassioned in making a huge impact on the lives of her students.

Teacher Michelle shared her own experience when she was still a kid. “Growing up, I hated Math. Then I had this Math that was able to explain the “why’s” of Math concepts and made Math learning fun and relevant. Later, I just saw myself answering worksheets on my own. It did not turn me into a Math genius but it was a great boost to my confidence as a learner. As a SAM educator, I want to have the same impact on my students and make a small difference in their lives. I want them to enjoy learning Maths and become appreciative life-long learners. When students appreciate learning, learning becomes a part of their system. And once learning is part one’s system, they remember topics and concepts for the rest of their lives. And she feels that she will be able to achieve her goal through S.A.M.  

She says that S.A.M teaches the conceptual approach as opposed to memorization. With S.A.M,  students fully understand concepts through manipulatives and relevant discussions with the teacher. Learning is not worksheet-based and repetitive and answers are not spoon fed.

Teacher Claire Joy Espiritu of S.A.M Marikina says that with the SAM approach, students are given the opportunity to discover math facts and rules by themselves which makes them more independent . It also allows students to think critically. She expounds: “With  S.A.M, the students learn the why’s before the how’s.  We let the students explore math on their own, before introducing  the process of solving it. This way, they see the true beauty of math”. 

Teacher Aloha Nie of S.A.M Cagayan de Oro is enthusiastic about teaching S.A.M’s methods. She says kids who enroll need not memorize formulas which are usually asked of them in school. S.A.M, according to her,  makes numbers tangible for students as it employs concrete objects, drawings, and their imagination.

She also speaks highly of her students who, she says, have come to understand the relevance of math in their daily lives. “Most of my students can calculate 1/3 plus 1/6 fast but they can’t apply it in real situation, for example, by using a toy clay,  to prove that their answer is right.  Only when they realize that they are able to answer through procedures but fail to understand the concept do they begin to ask more questions and begin slicing the piece of clay until they discover the explanation to their own answer.’

Teacher Aloha, however, cautions that it may take awhile for some kids to appreciate math. That’s why they encourage parents to support the journey of their kids by being more patient & loving as well as collaborative with S.A.M trainers. Teacher Claire tells parents to enroll their kids in S.A.M as it really is an effective means  for  the child to discover the mathematician inside of them.

Teacher Michelle says her biggest achievement as a S.A.M trainer is when she sees her students smiling and having fun. Or when parents tell  them their kids love and enjoy math. For teacher Aloha, her proudest moment  is when her students start to develop the grit of not “GIVING UP” on unfamiliar and challenging questions. She explains: “The big smile, their “eureka” moments where they empower themselves by discovering the answer on their own,  is priceless.” While for Teacher Claire,  she shared that her biggest achievement as a SAM trainer was when one of her student from Ateneo got an award in Mathematics

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