Like all moms, I try to memorialize family moments. I capture all the occasions I can, the school programs I can and any moments that my kids will allow. Every Christmas and New Year I try to get us together for a family picture. This year I decided to stay close to home and have a practical family photo shoot in our condo’s garden area. We can put a little more effort to make it come out special and beautiful.

Choose a theme

Your family photo shoot should have a theme. It will coordinate the overall feel and look of your picture. It can be a color, an object, an action and more. This year I decided that we would all wear something white. I finally have the confidence to wear white ever since I started losing weight. The kids had a photo shoot before where they wore all white and it I got some amazing shots. White is a color that represents light, goodness, and innocence.

Pick an attractive spot

The photo shoot venue you choose can be anywhere you want. It can be in an urban setting something as simple as a parking lot or a park or garden where green is in abundance. Since we were having a white theme shoot I thought this would work perfectly with a garden venue. Luckily, our condo complex has a garden and trellis where we can take pictures.

Use props

Props are not necessary but they can make a photo shoot fun. A light-hearted shoot would be perfect for some fun props and there are practical items you can use like balloons, flowers, etc. I opted not to have props as I wanted a more formal look for our shoot. I plan on using it as our Christmas greeting to family and friends.

Take a few practice shots

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a good shot straightaway. It’s best to practice and take several shots until you are all comfortable. Natural smiles and laughter will show up in your picture.

Wear comfortable and nice smelling clothes

When you feel great and smell great you’ll exude confidence which will surely be seen in your photo shoot. Since we’re all wearing something white it was important to make sure our clothes were gleaming white and smelling good. Rather than wearing perfume or cologne, I made sure our clothes were smelling fragrantly sweet with Downy Sweetheart.

We’ve been using Downy Sweetheart and the fragrance lasts a pretty long time.  I love it when I do load after load of laundry and the whole house is smelling like Downy Sweetheart.

I hope these tips help you have your own practical family photo shoot. I’d love to see your family pictures!

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