2018 is just a few days away and I’m once again thinking about my 2018 goals for the year ahead. Every year I have a goal to be debt free, get fitter and redesign my home. Of the 3 I can finally say that I’ve finally gotten fitter. Now I need to work on being financially capable and independent and improving our home.

My struggle has largely been financial. I’ve had some very bad personal set backs but I manage or try to keep myself afloat emotionally and mentally. So yes, 2017 was one of the hardest years I’ve had. I was uninspired with bouts of depression and carelessness. My usually focused and goal oriented mind became lax and now I’m suffering the consequences. I guess when you’re a single mom of three you can’t afford the luxury of letting your mind go…

I can already feel the energy I’ll need and the determination I’ll need to have to just keep us afloat. This time though I’ll do it with a fitter body, a more optimistic mind and hopefully a more inspired spirit. I try not to get myself down with everything that’s going on but truly 2017 was just that, a downer.

This 2018 I have 5 main goals:

Earn more and save

Everything ties into this honestly. If I can earn more, I can provide financially in all aspects and therefore lessen my stress. I’ll probably have to kill myself doing it but in the end when all the bills are paid, my kids are alright and I have some savings I can sleep more peacefully.

Connect with my kids more

Being a single parent I don’t have the luxury or time off as much as I’d like. I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day (early morning!). I’m not as present as I should be and I have a hard time focusing trying to multi task. 2018 I vow to pay more attention, give more time to each of my kids and be present. I guess in some aspects I’m still very lucky because my teens are so understanding. I don’t want to miss out though. On those spontaneous conversations, moments that need my attention, and emotional cues.

Home improvement

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to improve our home. I’ve even wished I could win those home improvement contests that would redo a room or the whole house! When I earn more I’ll definitely be able to do this.


I’ve always seemed to live for others. Travel is one of the things I can do for myself. I want to take a solo trip when I have the courage to that is! I also want to give my kids the experience of traveling to another country. This is an end of the year goal in 2018.


I had been content being a work at home mom and keeping myself closed off but sometimes the loneliness can be unbearable… It’s time for me to get out, start meeting new people and hopefully have new experiences.

A couple of ways that will help get me on track are my 24/7 Mommy Mundo Planner and Nido notebooks, post its and tags. I’ve been keeping an online planner but I feel that 2018 will have me out more and a physical planner is going to be necessary for me to keep myself on track.

Are you one of those moms that make notes everywhere? I am. I need to jot down things and put it up on my board. I organize myself with little notes in my wallet most especially when I run errands. I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this Nido planner pack I received at the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party.

What are your goals in 2018?

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