You can never go wrong when you give food as a gift especially when it’s a box of treats. The Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes are now available to gift to family, friends, teachers, and so on. It’s also perfect for gatherings during the holidays and can be a snack or even dessert option.

The Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes include favorites like cheesy ensaimada, mamon, and cake slices which come in a colorful Christmas parol designed box. It also comes with a gift card where you can write messages to loved ones.

Coming in three variants there’s definitely something for everyone.

HoliDozen Cheesy Ensaimada 

A dozen of their mouth-watering pastries, topped with butter, cheese and a sparkling of sugar.

HoliDozen Assorted Mamon 

A variety of mamon flavors like Butter, Ube, Mocha, Creamy, White Choco Almond, Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Cheesy Mamon.

HoliDozen Assorted Pastries

Cheesy Ensaimada, Butter Mamon and Choco Cake Slices

You also have the option to also customize your HoliDozen boxes with different combinations to make sure you get their favorites.

We had quite a few boxes at home and decided to share the love with, family, friends and our guards at the condo we live in. Having a box of HoliDozen is the perfect way to catch up with friends or say thank you.

Visit the nearest Red Ribbon bakeshop and get a dozen full of thoughtful sweetness with Red Ribbon HoliDozen! Gift vouchers are also available for a more convenient way of gifting these delightful treats.

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