Since almost everything is online, it’s not a surprise that meal planning and recipes would be, too. Del Monte Kitchenomics is now online 24/7 to make cooking not only convenient but enjoyable with Life Gets Better.

Life has definitely gotten better for a mom like me who can easily hop on to her desktop, laptop or gadget to get recipes, plan a week’s meal and learn some cooking techniques.

I got to explore the website during the recent launch with Carla Abellana and Chef Jackie Ang Po.

After a quick run through of the site I was eager to start making meal plans and most especially trying more recipes. I’ve been on their Del Monte Kitchenomics when I needed a recipe using pineapples, tomato sauce and more. The new revamped site offers plenty more resources now.

Search for recipes by dish, by product or by ingredient for your next meal. If you’re all out of ideas or have no time you can try their recipe of the day. Health tips are given per recipe so that you know what the benefits of each dish is for your family. Add to your favorites, send to your email or print it out in a jiff.

One of the best time and pocket savers is to plan meals by week. Select the week you’re planning for and choose a meal/s each day. You can plan up to 5 meals per day. By clicking on a box you’re brought to an almost endless roster of meals to choose from. Don’t fret though you’re sure to easily find a meal.

If you’re wanting to catch up on past episodes of Del Monte Kitchenomics or aren’t able to watch their latest episode you can do so now at Life Gets Better.

This is a particularly helpful section. At the moment they’re adding on to it but pretty soon I’ll be slicing and dicing like the best of them (I hope!).

The Reading Room will give you a plethora of information to go through. Anything helpful to your cooking journey and health and wellness is available here.

Here’s one of my creations with a big help from Del Monte’s Quick and Easy Caldereta sauce.

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