When I think about all the things I want for myself I realize that I have quite a Christmas wish list. This year some of them have been crossed off. My dear friend says that if we want something we need to open ourselves to it and stay away from negative thinking like “that won’t happen…” “I don’t want…” because instead of it coming to us we’re veering it away. One of the many goals I have next year is to start opening myself up to opportunities.

The best gift I have gotten this holiday season came from my kids. It was unexpected yet on point. I was truly surprised. I had been wanting a cream colored shoulder bag and had actually seen one at the mall but of course, I passed on that purchase.

To my surprise though my teens gave me a shoulder bag with just the 2 things I was looking for: cream colored and with a long shoulder strap. I was really overjoyed at their effort and their astuteness.

Now that I’m single, I’m able to think of things for myself. Though I’ve always put my kids first, things are different now that I can consider my wants. So…. here are my Christmas wishes that I’m putting out there in the world.


This is my ultimate desire because I need one badly for work. Being a work at home mom and a blogger I find myself juggling schedules, events and everything in between. Kids and home are not even in that mix. Of course, they’re first and foremost but I know I could do so much more and accomplish so much more when I have a laptop. Laptop… I’m calling you to me…


I would love an upgrade on my phone. My OPPO F1s has served me very well and I’ve taken some pretty amazing pictures if I do say so myself. However, as a blogger, you always strive for the best photo and the specs on the OPPO F3 are sure to up my game.

New wardrobe

I think every girl wants clothes. I’m concentrated on workout clothes, blazers, simple solid color tees, pink sneakers and white heels. For the first time this holiday season I bought myself 3 tops. Seems so petty but in previous years I hadn’t made a splurge like that for myself.

Leather Watch

For the longest time I’ve been wanting a watch. An elegant brown leather watch sounds lovely!

Soprano Diode treatment from Clara International Skin and Body Centre

Having previously tried this at Clara International I feel confident and safe with their specialization. I no longer want to worry about hair under my arms, on my legs and yes in the bikini area. This is certainly a dream since it’s an extravagance I can’t yet afford or would want to make at this time.


Though I’m fairly new to my fitness journey I am loving every ache and pain. I’ve already seen results and know that if I stick to it I’ll get the ideal body I have in mind. So far I have a yoga mat and restrictive bands. I’ve mostly been following Tone It Up’s workouts and they have some with dumbbells. In time I hope to take boxing, dance classes and join a gym.

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