One of the things I do year round is keep my eye out for gifts I can give friends and family. I’ve been blogging about my online shopping recommendations for a few years now and I have another find which I’m sure you’ll like for yourself or as gifts for loved ones. My latest find is Baum Solid Parfum, pocket sized travel friendly perfumes that are solidified by beeswax. Beeswax has conditioning properties and has many benefits including helping to calm and soothe you with natural oils formulated to moisturize your skin.

A reusable tin make for the perfect gift and it can even be personalized coming in cute pouches with the giftee’s name on it. I shared one of these at our Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party as an exchange gift and I didn’t feel the need to wrap it up as it was already so nicely presented.

The Scents


A combination of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose dominated by musk and amber.


Baum Solid Parfum’s best selling fragrance is a woody-spicy scent with a blend of rose, mint, cinnamon, patchouli and amber.


A woody and citrusy scent with fresh notes of lime and cedar.


One of the 3 Pour Homme collection, it’s top notes are citrusy and rose de mai stemming from clary sage, cedar and geranium with base notes of musk and amber.


A sensual orange blossom and seductive smell of patchouli.


Having notes of black currant, nectarine and peach.

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