Just this afternoon I had a heart to heart talk with Kianna after getting her report card. I had been wanting to talk to her for a few days now but I never seemed to find the right time until that moment. Without going into specifics I needed and wanted to tell Kianna how valuable she was as a person and a young lady. The troubles and concerns that all girls go through are the same no matter the decade and the outcome just as painful. Though I know I can’t stop the inevitable onslaught of heartbreak and disappointment that’s sure to come I know that letting her know I’m here no matter what and understand is important for her to know. The timeless advice of “know your worth” and “think for yourself” never gets old as long as it wants to be heard. So it was perfectly in keeping with my recent re-introduction to Denenes Cologne for women at it’s official launch that I thought to myself classic and timeless will always be the best there is. Now I get to introduce it to Kianna and it’s another thing we’ll share as women.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, I know this! Yes, you do. Denenes (De- For | Nenes – Babies) Cologne was a popular scent “back in the day” but guess what, it’s still one that today’s youth can enjoy. We “Titas of Manila” will get a kick out of spritzing or applying this cologne and have a half second in our day to remember our girlish selves which is great.

I know the impression is that Denenes Cologne is too steep for our pockets and just like I was telling Kianna, when you value yourself you have a higher worth so you have to exert more to get quality.

You’d be surprised to know though that Denenes Cologne is actually at par with other similar products and you can even get more bang for your buck. The difference is they offer larger amounts of their fresh smelling cologne which ensures that we’re all stocked up on smelling good!

A perfect example is the DENENES Baby Cologne that comes in a 600ml bottle which is imported because of its size.

Take your pick from their cologne, cologne in spray bottle, cologne in glass bottle (perfect for gift giving!), shampoo and body wash. Having been around since 1955 you can bet they have constantly continued to work on improving their already perfect product.

Their spray bottle is no ordinary spray bottle as they’ve made sure to give you just the right amount of spritz coverage so that the scent travels and stays in the general area of where you sprayed rather than just staining the spot you chose. It’s the little things that count right?

The glass bottle is a little more concentrated than what’s in the other bottles and was made to be gifted to loved ones.

For the shampoo, don’t fret as it’s a no tears formula and their body wash is very gentle for baby’s skin.

On the market today are all the lovely products you see here. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing them in all the supermarkets and department stores you shop at. You can also shop online at Lazada to stock you and your daughter’s vanity.

DENENES Baby Cologne 600ml • DENENES Baby Cologne 125ml • DENENES Nenes Felices Cologne 200ml • Denenes Colonia Spray 200ml • DENENES Shampoo 500ml • DENENES Body Wash 650ml

Available at: Landmark | S&R | Baby Planet | SM Super Value | SM Hypermarket | Rustan’s | Shopwise | Watsons

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