Last year’s festival was such a success that Cake Boss Buddy Valastro came back for the next TLC Festival. Lucky me, got to attend another exclusive TLC MasterClass to learn more cupcake decorating techniques from one of the  most celebrated cake artists in the world.

Now on its third year, the TLC Festival 2017 was all about going Lokal as it celebrates the Filipino culture with live entertainment, artisanal activities, and gastronomic cuisines.

Episodes of the latest season of Cake Boss 9 will premiere on November 15, Wednesdays, at 9pm, on TLC Philippines

Our cupcake decors were Filipino themed. The flags were so cute!

Buddy showed us a few cupcake decorating techniques. I tried to keep them in mind for when I was going to decorate my cupcakes but as simple as it looked it was just too advanced for me!

Buddy represents everything about being a self-made man having admirable humility and a sense of humor! I love watching Cake Boss most especially seeing the new crazy designs they’re asked to make. I always get nervous when it’s time to load the truck!

Last year’s cupcakes vs. this year’s cupcakes. I have to say I improved! Right? 🙂

Earned another “Certified Cupcake Boss” certificate from the big guy himself. Here’s hoping to year 3 of my Cake Boss adventures!

Check out the exclusive MasterClass session:

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