You know what I envy? Moms who have such a passion for cooking that they learn how to make from scratch and create flavors without the help of seasonings. I, on the other hand, a work at home mom of 3 need that help. I can cook a meal and have it come out satisfactory and sometimes even whip up something really great. I do need some help though to bring about just the right flavor to my dishes.

The MAGGI Handaan Pack saves the day! I stock up on pork and chicken and have the usual veggies so that I can come up with meals for the week. I really appreciated the handaan pack because it comes with MAGGI seasoning, mixes and sauces.

A favorite at home are oyster sauce based dishes and of course, “Sinigang”. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Watermelon Sinigang mix had just the right flavor that we liked. I tried making this before with Sinigang mix and watermelon and maybe it’s just me but the watermelon was overwhelming.

Here’s a recipe I grabbed from the MAGGI website:

Watermelon Sinigang

I changed mine up from the recipe on the site and changed it from seafood to pork.

I had these mushrooms in my pantry and made this fried pork and mushroom dish. It came out very savory using the MAGGI Oyster Sauce (2 tbsps) and Soy Sauce (1 tbsp).


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