Most women do everything they can to stay young or at least young looking. I think we differ in the lengths that we go to do it. Myself, I try but want to be comfortable in my own skin. Coloring my hair wasn’t a priority though maybe because visibility wasn’t much. I did begin to notice strands here and there and felt just a teeny bit of discomfort when I would see gray hair. In comes, Liese Blaune Hair Color, the no.1 Japanese Hair color brand.

Being it was my first time to color my hair I dutifully studied the instructions which was comprehensive. From the skin allergy test to the preparation to application I felt confident I could do an at home hair color successfully.

Coming in 5 colors: Golden Brown, Bronze Brown, Rose Brown, Brown, and Black Brown, all of which are sophisticated, classy, and easy to wear. I chose Bronze Brown for my first foray into hair coloring. A feature that Liese Blaune boasts is even gray coverage and easy application. Usually you need to section your hair and then brush in the color. With Liese Blaune you will gently knead the foam into your hair. Having long hair it took me awhile, factor in the fact that it was my first time it roughly took me 40 minutes to get in the whole bottle of foam. I left the foam in my hair for 20 minutes and followed the Rinse Off Treatment.

Some tips:

  • Make sure to gently mix the bottle with a back and forth motion. Don’t expect that the mixture will look like foam. Once dispensed it will come out in foam form.
  • It takes some time to achieve the foamy end result but keep kneading in the foam gently and you’ll get there.
  • Make sure to wear old clothes and towels you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Best to cover the table and floor with newspaper or manila paper to protect your surroundings.

The Blaune series uses Kao’s Bubble Technology to color hair effectively at home. At Php419.00 a box, using a Liese Blaune hair coloring kit can be more convenient and cost effective than making a trip to the salon.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Color was evenly applied
  • Color smell is not strong
  • Even though my hair hadn’t been colored before the Bronze Brown was effectively apparent
  • My hair is still soft

Check out my experience from beginning to end applying Liese Blaune’s Gray Coverage in Bronze Brown.

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You can purchase your own box at the following stores:
Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket
Metro Department Store
Pioneer Supermarket
PCX Stores and
The Landmark Department Store
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