If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably done some holiday shopping online. I love discovering new things to gift my kids, family and friends with. In fact, browsing online shops is a year long event for me and I always make sure to bookmark interesting finds.

I’m sharing some that we’ve had the pleasure of using and some that I found through my many searches of cute and unique things.

Kidoozi Books

Can you imagine reading a book and the pictures come alive? It’s totally possible now with augmented reality books! Using a smartphone or tablet you can scan pages and have featured pictures all of a sudden come to life.

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Meyer Pans

It’s definitely necessary to have a good cookware set. Meyer Cookware has been a trusted and well known brand for many many years. The durability speaks for itself with a claim to fame of withstanding years of cooking and being battered and beaten.

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Wilmax Dinner Set

Quality dinnerware makes it more inviting and enticing to eat. Wilmax England is well known for its beautiful design and durability lasting many years which is why it would make a perfect gift set for parents or siblings.

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Gifts Less Ordinary Personalized Items

I’m constantly scouring the internet for gift suggestions for loved ones. I love seeing the different products that I think my family and friends would love and I’ve discovered Gifts Less Ordinary, an online marketplace selling specially curated gifts.

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Grood Wood

Personalized wood products have always been a favorite. This year I’m hoping to gift loved ones with name engraved pallets. At a bazaar I attended, BazKet Manila I found this online seller, Grood Wood with pretty good prices!

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Monogram Style

These were another great find at the BazKet Manila bazaar. Monogrammed purses and wristlets. These have always been an appealing design to me and would make a perfect gift for girlfriends.

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Baum Solid Parfum

Everything nowadays should be handy and Baum Solid Parfum has come up with a cute and unique way to make perfume handy. I tried some myself at BazKet Manila particularly in Dominique. A fresh and airy scent that you can rub on to the insides of your elbows or behind your ears to last longer.

They also do personalized pouches making it even more of an ideal gift suggestion.

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Mom 24/7 Planner

Perfect for your mommy friends who need a little organization in their life. Plannerphiles will also like this gift to add to their collection. This comprehensive mom planner has everything from child records to meal planners and even doodling pages for the kids when you’re out.

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Fandom Shirts at Seashop

I discovered this when I was searching for a Riverdale shirt to give to my daughter for her birthday. They have good quality shirts with clean and attractive designs.

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Lastly, photo books make for great presents for anyone. Compiling special occasions into a booklet of images will move anyone to tears. Photobook makes it super easy to create your own book from the layout to delivery.

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I hope these gift suggestions make it on your list. If you have any online shop suggestions please feel free to share!

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