2017 started slow and then went by in a rush that I find myself in November with still a few goals to accomplish. The nearing of the end of the year doesn’t discourage me though, in fact it inspires me in achieving goals for my family.

Watching HSBC’s One Step Closer video has helped me realize that it’s all possible. The video features 3 people who also had goals like me that they want to achieve before the year ends. A clock was set up in Eastwood showing just how many days were left till 2018 and was in a way a symbol to get people thinking about what they haven’t accomplished yet.

One wanted to bring his mom on a tour in a country abroad. Another wanted to lose weight and a couple wanted to purchase a piano for their home. Looking at their goals I realize that mine are along the same lines. I’ve been wanting to bring my kids to another country preferably Japan where we can go to Disneyland and more importantly the Harry Potter theme park. I’ve been wanting to lose weight for years now but gave myself this year to show some progress and happily I have. Lastly, though we don’t want a piano but we do want a TV. Believe it or not we don’t have one at home. We’re all on our gadgets most of the time but in one of my recent conversations with my kids we were talking how about how we missed watching TV and movies together.

There are so many things I want to accomplish but seeing as how I’ve given myself till the end of the year to do so I’m focusing on achievable goals.

  • Buying a laptop

As a single mom supporting my 3 kids alone is a challenge in itself. Trying to do it with limited resources is another. I’ve been a work at home mom going on 6 years now and I’ve been taking on projects left and right. I’m in dire need of an upgrade on my laptop. With a new laptop I can accomplish much more which means I can earn more and comfortably provide for my kids.

  • Paying the balance on tuition

This one’s a biggie. I’m proud that I’ve been able to put my kids through school and have Bastian in UST Senior High. Almost everything I earn goes to my kids’ education and the one thing I’ve been eyeing is an easier payment plan which I’m looking at getting with a credit card.

  • Buying a TV

Our family is big on movies and TV shows. We all have our own interests but this usually connects us. We love discussing plot lines and sharing opinions such as a recent discussion on the show Thirteen Reasons Why. That conversation stuck with me because the opinions they formed told me alot about their line of thinking and how they felt about serious topics like those in the show.

  • Taking the kids out somewhere special for the holidays

We’ve always spent our Christmas’ at home but last year we spent it at a hotel and despite our new family dynamic (us sans their dad) we had such a great time. This year I want to bring the kids outside the city to spend Christmas.

Sometimes you just need a little help to achieve goals. Since most goals like mine are heavily dependent on finances having options like a dependable bank that can provide credit is a big help. HSBC being one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations with a 10-strong total branch network has got me thinking about their products and services.

With HSBC, my goals are attainable. I can buy that laptop and TV, pay the balance on my kids’ tuition AND take the kids to a seaside vacation I’ve been dreaming about.


Whether your goal is attainable or not  watching the HSBC #OneStepCloser video will inspire you to push yourself just a little harder to achieve it. I’d love to hear your goals and what you’re doing to try to achieve them as well. Just talking about it gets us one step closer doesn’t it?

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