Can you imagine being in your late 30’s and never having stayed away from home alone before? What about never having watched a movie alone? Well, this was my weekend of firsts and I enjoyed it at Y2 Residence Hotel in Makati City, Philippines.

Going from mother to husband and 3 kids along the way my life has revolved largely around other people. It’s a good life I have to say, despite now being a separated mom and raising my 3 kids alone. The thing is, I’m so caught up with work that I leave very little time for myself. So I asked my kids for just a night away which they agreed that I needed.

I didn’t go too far just a city away and stayed at Y2 Residence Hotel’s 1 bedroom premiere suite. The hotel is located in the bustling city of Makati right next to A Venue Mall and a couple of minutes away from Century City Mall and Rockwell Power Plant Mall. It’s also near Glorietta and Greenbelt malls, popular destinations for expats traveling to the area. Those seeking a nightlife will find it along P. Burgos.

The 60 sqm suite is complete with a kitchen, dining, bedroom and bathroom. It’s ideal for those staying longer than usual whether for business or leisure. Here you can cook meals, invite people over without the worry of having not enough space and feel a little lived in for the time being.

The kitchen has most of the necessities you’ll need: 2 burner induction stove, microwave, electric kettle, refrigerator, dinnerware, pots and pans and a mini bar.

In the living room you’ve got a modest leather sofa and cable LED television. There’s also a small balcony you can go out to. Being that I was on the 18th floor with a fear of heights I peeked out but didn’t go out there for the rest of my stay. The view is nice though, as urban a view as you can get.

For the dining area, a bright counter top is provided with stools.

Living | Dining | Kitchen

Here’s the view from the 18th floor.

My time for most of my stay was spent in the bedroom. The double bed was super cozy and I bundled myself in there and just took in the silence and watched some cable TV. The three things I look for in a hotel are that it has WiFi in the rooms, cable television (Smart TV all the more better) and a microwave. I lucked out and enjoyed all 3 at the hotel.

The WiFi is strong and I didn’t have any problems at all. I was given access codes in case I had more than 1 device.

Bedroom | Bathroom

Since it would be my first night away I had mixed feelings of excitement and fear. Weird, I know. Kianna even joked around that I wouldn’t really be alone! No freak outs though and the lighting was just right for me, being that it wasn’t too bright or dark.

I also took full advantage and took plenty of pictures which turned out alright. I have to say my monopod/tripod was my best friend during my stay.

The bedroom has lots of closet space, a safety deposit box, cable LED TV, a desk area and also has a small balcony.

In the bathroom, you have a shower area, bidet, a space for a washing machine I believe which you can rent from the hotel if you’re staying for a longer period. There are also accessories like a hairdryer and a few toiletries.

I requested for an iron and was given one along with an ironing board.

Being a weekend of firsts I headed to Century City Mall to catch a movie and finally experience watching one all by my lonesome. It felt freeing to decide to watch one and then choose what I wanted. Standing in line to buy popcorn and root beer (my combo choice for every movie I watch!) there were couples in front of me and couples behind me. Was it sad that I was standing alone in line? Maybe just a little bit but all of that went away when I was finally seated. I watched Geostorm which had me on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole film. It also helped that I got to feast my eyes on Gerard Butler, one of my fave action stars (I’ve at least watched Olympus Has Fallen 10x – not kidding!).

You might notice that Y2 Residence Hotel has a certain theme. It’s one of Yin Yang and Zen-like tranquility. Black-and-white touches, hand-painted walls, and vivid artworks are scattered all around the hotel and are found in significant pieces in the room. Even the lobby and hallways have serene music playing similar to those you hear during a yoga class.

The Yin Yang concept of two opposing but equal forces in a tight embrace to produce balance and harmony is prominent in the symbols that you’ll see in the lobby and each floor in the hallways. I guess it serves as a reminder to even out the busyness of our lives with some peace and quiet.

With a desire to exude the presence of the Oriental philosophy of balance and harmony, they’ve made it so that when you come in from the hustle and bustle you’re greeted with relaxing and tranquil surroundings.

The swimming pool can be found on the rooftop with one for adults and one for kids. A gym is at the Upper Penthouse along with Amare Spa. Their events area, the Yin and Yang Function Room can cater to company events and special occasions.

Hotel Amenities and Features

Lobby | Swimming Pool | Events

A complimentary breakfast was included in my stay and it was really just a simple one with all the breakfast staples you’ll need.

Breakfast Buffet

Take a tour of the one bedroom premiere suite that I stayed in and let me also share some of my thoughts on my weekend of firsts.

HOTEL LOCATION: 4687 Santiago Street Cor. Valdez and Singian Streets, Makati City Philippines, 2981
HOTEL NUMBER: +632 224 3000

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