Our day to day lives take us from work to family to responsibilities sometimes leaving little else. The one thing we need to make time for is our own well being. Our health and wellness needs attention and one way is to pamper ourselves. At a recent event by BlueWaterDay Spa I learned about some new treatments that I’m looking forward to trying someday.

BlueWater Day Spa (BWDS) has put together a special group of ambassadors to promote its current lineup of massages services and wellness treatments.

Celebrity endorser and actress Kim Chiu – Lymphatic Massage

  • for detoxifying and slimming
  • helps recirculate body fluids
  • stimulates functioning and balancing of the immune system
  • ideal for those with edemas, wrinkles, eye bags, sagging breasts, cellulites
  • experiencing PMS, breast pain, infertility, menstruation, headaches, epilepsy, muscle cramps
  • for those who have sprains, hematomas, fractures, trauma, neck pain, Keloids, lower back pain, Sciatica
  • helps with those who have sleeping disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cholesterol, stress


Actor and model David Licaoco – Combo Herbal Massage

  • comes with volcanic stone herbal pack
  • combined Swedish and Shiatsu techniques

Actor Ben Alves and Model Ervic Vijandre – Athlete’s Massage 

  • 90 minute deluxe theraputic massage designed for athletes and active people
  • includes a 10 minute application of hot moist packs that heal joint pain and improve mobility
  • followed by a massage applied with eucalyptus oil for joint and muscle spasms and paint

Man of the World 2017 Mustafa Galal Elezali – Revitashape

  • specially designed for toning and slimming
  • helps to melt excess cellulites for a fit and contoured look

Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado – Anti-Aging Facial

Young brand ambassadors Yasmine Chloe Simisim, Kurt Wyatt T. Yap, and Jaden Emmanuel Trinidad – Baby Massage

  • promotes proper growth and healthy development  of infants and babies
  • stimulates nerves
  • increases blood flow
  • eases congestion
  • helps with digestion
  • promotes better sleep
  • relieves teething pain
  • boosts immune system
  • by appointment only

With October being BWDS’ anniversary month, the country’s popular chain of spas is happy to offer a special 40 percent discount on wellness and beauty services ’till the end of the month. This gives guests more reasons to enjoy its lineup of services and give their bodies its much needed boost to fight off life’s daily stress.

For more information on BlueWater Day Spa and its services visit their Facebook page @bwdspa.

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