When you think of night life, you think of the major cities like Makati and BGC. That’s why I’m happy to learn that Seda Vertis North launched Straight Up Rooftop Bar for QC peeps like me! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a party girl. Far from it but I do like to enjoy a nice night off every once in awhile.

Seda Vertis is the newest 5 star hotel to open in my hometown, Quezon City. After over a week watching over my eldest who contracted dengue, I was totally up for a night out.

Along with blogger friends, I checked out Straight Up Rooftop Bar on the 28th floor of Seda Vertis. Now, I can’t really make a fair comparison with other rooftop bars because I just don’t get out much (darn!) but I did enjoy the comfort and style of their bar.

The staff were very friendly and weren’t bad to look at either! There’s a long bar and plenty of group tables to occupy.

I gave this drink a try mostly for it’s color (pink, my favorite!). I was told there was coffee in it and it was just alright for me. Not something I would want to order again. When I go out I try to be adventurous and try new drinks. Since there are so many drinks I’m sure it’ll take me years to discover even just half of them.

This mocktail was delicious! I guess you could say my palate is terribly picky when it comes to alcohol. I did request for the next one to have alcohol and it was still delicious!

I’ve been to Seda Vertis previously and showed the different amenities and rooms but here are more pictures to enjoy!

Seda Vertis North Amenities and Artwork 

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Seda Vertis North Rooms: Double and Corner Suite

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