McDonalds not only keeps Jael’s tummy happy but now he’s also pre-occupied with the new McDonalds Happy Studio App! The app has a ton of fun games and activities AND you can even enjoy interactive play when you get a Happy Meal toy to use with the app! Undoubtedly, this is most helpful for moms like me who have to go out and have meetings or events with the little one along.

I thought at first Jael would easily tire of it but surprisingly he enjoys the games and activities. The good thing about the Happy Studio App is that there are 3 games per section and they always add new activities to do.

Recommended for kids ages 6-12.

In the Happy Studio app, kids can choose to step into the shoes of an an artist, inventor or a musician. Each activity is focused on developing certain skills while putting the child into playful mini-scenarios.

As an artist, children are able to improve their creative skills and exercise their imagination. As an inventor, kids can build various objects with their favorite characters while learning creative and logic skills as they go. As a musician, kids are able to explore musical patterns to help improve their rhythm and timing.

There are even suggested offline activities to enjoy with your kids which I like. This helps promote quality bonding time and to get off the device for awhile.

So what exactly can you expect from the game? Well, have a look for yourself.

Happy Studio has been designed in collaboration with a panel of child development and play experts. These experts have been working with McDonalds to create a fun new environment that grows children’s imaginations and encourages innovative thinking.

Here’s how the Happy Studio App would look if there was a new toy available. At the time we played with the app they had characters from the Emoji movie. We weren’t able to get a toy as they were already all out. Can you believe that?

Jael likes to get in some play time when he can. Even just a few minutes before leaving for school!

Actually, I’ve removed games and YouTube from Jael’s phone. All summer and beginning of school he had access to these but I saw negative effects which spilled over into school. I had a stern talk with him and told him that I had to remove everything I thought was affecting the way he thought and acted. I had to explain that being allowed to watch on YouTube came with the responsibility of knowing what’s real and what’s not. It also meant that he had to be more conscious about what he said and the consequences of his actions and words.

In time, he may get it back but as a safeguard I already set an expectation that he will have to be much older to be allowed to watch. So when we discovered the Happy Studio App I was pleased with what it offered. Since we’ve cleaned his phone Jael has been more interested in reading and playing with his toys.

The McDonalds Happy Studio App is now available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Share your love for the app via the official Facebook fan page or by tagging @McDo_PH to your sweet and funny Happy Studio moments on Twitter or Instagram.

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