My daughter is sixteen! She celebrated with a Sweet Sixteen donut themed swimming pool party with her friends. Turning 16 can be a pretty momentous event. It makes me recall my sixteenth and that wasn’t too great… I’m so happy I could do something special for Kianna.

She decided on a swimming pool party and had her all time favorite food, donuts for the theme of her party.

I’ve been a DIY mom since forever but I haven’t had the time to do much of it. When the kids have a party or there’s an event I get the chance to create.

I printed out donut templates on my trusty Canon printer for the banner and invites. If you like what you see you can get your own copy here and here.

We chose Casa Milan for the venue. It’s a community pool in a subdivision in Fairview. It’s well kept and has a good sized pool. The downside? Well, Kianna invited 12 of her friends and myself, Bastian, Jael and my mom came along to help set up and decorate. I wasn’t aware however that I would have to pay an entrance for us just to enter the pool area to decorate. Sounds completely unreasonabe to me. Considering I brought 12 people to enjoy and pay for their service but oh well, I didn’t want to ruin her day so I let it pass. For me though, I won’t plan anymore parties there that’s for sure.

Kianna had her favorites, pancit malabon, pizza (thanks Tito Arjay!) and of course, donuts to complete her Sweet Sixteen donut themed party! She had 2 boxes of her favorite kind, Krispy Kreme!

The girls had a fun time and I left them to their own devices after I set up. After the party Kianna packed up and took care of everything which really shows how she’s becoming more and more responsible.

The party also had another sweet surprise though! My friend and lifestyle blogger Aci of Aci Girl sent her delicious cupcakes from her Sweet Treats shop and even made it special with cute mini donuts on top!

The pure joy on her face was worth it!

Another nice touch to her donut themed party was this donut floater I got from Lazada!

Thinking about my kids and how responsible and kind they are makes my heart swell. I try to give them what I can and hope that they understand when I can’t. Next up? Her 18th! To debut or not to debut. We’ll find out in a couple of years!

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