Are you as happy as me about owning your own home? It’s a lot of work trying to make sure that you keep your home clean and safe but have you thought about the things you need to do to maintain the overall value of your home? You need to regularly clean your home to avoid living in a cluttered mess. Here are 4 things you don´t think about when cleaning your home!

  1. Air Duct Cleaning

We should pay more attention to the dangerous effects of indoor air pollution. Air ducts must be cleaned frequently to improve the quality of air inside the home. In a nutshell, air duct cleaning can be described as the cleaning of several cooling and heating system components of forced air systems. There isn’t a dearth of service organizations that boast of offering excellent air duct cleaning services. However, the ones worth hiring are few and far between. Fortunately, I’ve found a site for you, if you’re looking for quality service.  

  1. Water Heater

There is no denying the fact that the water heater is one of the most underappreciated home appliances. The water heater gives us instant access to hot water. We can’t even bear to think what would happen to us if we had to take our morning showers with cold water. Although this appliance is essential, we don’t pay much attention to its maintenance. The water heater tank must be drained at least once a year to get rid of the unwanted minerals and sediment in the tank. Failure to do so can drastically decrease the lifespan of the appliance.

  1. Time to clean your roof

Your roof is probably the first thing you look at when you get home. Unfortunately, you barely pay attention to cleaning it. And, truth be told–there is nothing more unattractive than an unkempt roof. Unclean roofs could result in the growth of algae which can play a role in destroying your shingles. In worst cases, the algae can even spread to your neighbors´ roofs. Make sure to check your roofs regularly.

  1. Clean your refrigerator

Refrigerators are home appliances that are used on a daily basis. Keeping it clean and maintaining it regularly must be high on your priority list. It’s extremely important for you to empty your fridge completely to give it a thorough and deep clean. If you don’t have a no frost fridge remember to defrost frequently so the ice doesn’t build up and overwork your fridge’s motor. Not cleaning your refrigerator can considerably decrease the lifespan of the appliance. 

What other things do we overlook when cleaning our home? Please give a share and let’s all help each other make our homes spic and span!

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