Super 8 celebrates 11 years of offering low wholesale prices with events and promos that their loyal customers will love. Grocery shopping is not only therapeutic, it’s necessary. For those seeking a grocery that offers the best prices and the most deals I believe Super 8 can give you just that. The grocery warehouse is most ideal for people with sari sari stores and the like. I took on the Super 8 Grocery 11th Anniversary shopping challenge and it was fun and tiring!

The celebration of 11 years in retail trading benefits plenty of shoppers as Super 8 offers deals such as you see below. From August 1 to 31 shoppers can enjoy deals on their favorite items. Super 8 Rewards Card holder will get a chance to also go on a shopping bonanza with the Super 8 Anniversary Pa-Grocery Hakot Promo. Lucky winners will get to take home Php8000 worth of groceries and a brand new refrigerator and LED TV.

The 5 day sale brings back their exciting promos of Buy 1 Take 1 items from August 11-15. Super 8 Rewards Cards membership is also available at 50% off. The celebration is made even happier by earning 25 rewards points for every Php500 single receipt purchase of participating items. That’s not all though, for every Php4000 worth of grocery purchases you’ll also get rewarded with 80 points.

Super 8 Mobile app users will get access to Php8 items. Make sure to download the app available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Sanicare baby wipes is on sale at Super 8! These are total must haves!

Some tips when joining a shopping challenge:

  • Identify your shopping challenge need. Is it to get the most expensive items or to get the best deals?
  • Try and survey the lay of the land or in this case the supermarket. Know where the items you want are.
  • Take note of items that are on sale and compare to the brands you use at home.
  • Bring a calculator if there is a price cap.
  • Wear comfortable shoes because for sure you’ll be running through the aisles.

These are a few of the items I was able to get. As you can see I focused on getting deal items of brands I use. All of these are also available at all 60 branches of Super 8 stores!

For more details on the Anniversary Pa-Grocery Hakot, Super 8 Rewards Card and more visit the Super 8 Facebook page:


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