It’s funny that when I’ve taken an interest in cooking my teens are too busy with school! So instead of creating meals 3x a day it’s usually just lunch for Jael and dinner for all of us. I’m always checking out quick and easy recipes. I’ve compiled a list of some that I’ve done. Hopefully, it helps you as much as it’s helped me when I’ve needed to cook an easy dish.
I used Jolly products for all these recipes. Pretty much the star of the show in most of these are mushrooms because we all like it even Jael. It’s no wonder that Jolly & Fly Ace has dominated the market when it comes to mushroom and even corn. They recently celebrated 20 years of remarkable milestones and have reasserted their commitment to provide consumers with accessible and affordable premium-grade canned fruits and vegetables. They have over 24 mixed of canned vegetable and fruit products.
Another favorite of ours is Cream of Mushroom. This is super easy to make. Thanks to Diaries of a Control-freak Mom for sharing this recipe!

Would love to try any recipes you may have. Open to medium difficulty recipes LOL! Share with me on Facebook @theartofmom or Instagram @olskj okay?
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