The one thing money can’t buy is good health. Yes, you can cure some illnesses and even prolong life but to live a life free from health issues is probably one in a million. Our recent stint at the hospital has made me double my efforts in keeping the kids healthy and safe. I’ve gathered a few of our health and safety must haves that might be useful to you.

Mosquito Repellent

I used to be diligent when it comes to applying repellent lotion on my kids. Unfortunately, I grew lax and lessened it until we stopped using it altogether. Then my eldest was hit with dengue. Now more than ever I’m determined to make sure that the kids leave the house protected. A friend recommended mosquito repellent spray which I find to be more convenient. I’m using MoskiShield for the kids right now. Before the kids leave home they get a spray down. I’m looking for alternatives though because MoskiShield is kind of overwhelming in smell. Any suggestions?

Scotts DHA Gummies

The kids love these gummies. Well, at least Bastian and Jael do. They take it 3x a day and I’m all for it as long as it makes them healthier. It has DHA, which helps support a child’s brain development. Need I say more?

Sanicare Toilet Covers

Especially helpful for my youngest. The teens have already developed their habits and are conscientious when it comes to going in public bathrooms. The little guy though needs a bit more help. I was introduced to these disposable toilet seat covers recently and they’re very handy to have around.

Hand Soap

The first thing the kids do when they come home is wash their hands. We’re never without hand soap at home. TIP: Get a free Robinsons Supermarket Supersavers bottle of hand soap for every minimum purchase of Php3000 in a single reciept. Just make sure that you’ve gotten Php500 worth of participating products (Aug-Sept 2017).

Nido 5+

I’m an advocate for this milk brand. I can attest that it has given Jael a healthy appetite, made him healthier and stronger and has helped with his development. Before Jael started taking Nido he hardly had an appetite. It was such a challenge to get him to eat anything at all. He’d take a few bites and declare himself full. He wasn’t dangerously thin but I found him to be too thin for my liking. We had tried other milk brands and he would have none of it. Until we tried Nido. It was like magic! With Nido he would ask for his milk 2 to 3 times a day. He started eating more and gaining weight. Now Jael is overly energetic, quick as a whip and a very healthy eater.

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