If you’ve been needing to surround yourself with pretty, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is the place to be. The pretty decor, delicious cupcakes and Instagrammable corners are a wonderland for a blogger like me. More and more I’ve come out of my shell and I’m embracing who I am today. Though it feels like I started “living” late in life it’s never too late to enjoy and share your blessings.

Perfect line of thinking for me right now. I need to Choose Happiness because the alternative is just too depressing and soul sucking. Rather than focusing on the negative, I try and always think about the positive in any situation I’m in. Oh, I could dwell on the fact that I’m alone, raising 3 kids and struggling to make ends meet but the only thing that could come of that is a deeper depression. Truly, its my kids that keep me going. It’s so odd that they can be a frustration and my inspiration at the same time.

The one thing I do when I’m really down and out is to dress up and feel pretty. If I’m heading to an event but feel like there’s a rain cloud over me I dress up. I make myself feel good and sure enough the day does turn around.

Although I could enjoy a place as pretty as this on my own, I was lucky to be with friends to catch up and dine on my favorite: Pasta! I’ve been friends with Lani and Joy for awhile now and it has evolved from being blogging acquaintances into a true friendship. We’re all work at home mommies and bloggers and our support system is a great one.

We started off with a salad (I’m not a salad person!) and of course, I had pasta. Every once in awhile you need to treat yourself and though that’s once in a blue moon for me I take what I can get!

I’m so appreciative of everyone who reads and supports my blog. Though what I blog about is varied I always go back to personal posts such as this. It serves as a reminder of a certain time in my life that I had to specifically mark as important. Share your Instagrammable places please! Would love to visit them!

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