This year has been more blessed than recent years. It may be because of the opportunities that I’ve had so far that have made me able to sustain our family of 4. It’s also the good health that my kids and I have. Mostly, it’s for the strength, friendship and love that I have from my family and friends. My birthday musings for this year will be short and sweet.

Though it may not seem like it I am a struggling single mom of 3 kids. Every step made is with the goal that I maintain my family’s lifestyle and continue with the work that I’m so blessed to have. A big part of my blessing in life is this blog. Since I started it, my family and I have had plenty of memorable experiences. Without all of you who take the time to read this blog I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m so glad that I’m able to share useful information and fun experiences that keep you coming back for more. Hopefully, you all continue to support me and my blog.

That being said, I wanted to share some of my good fortune and have a series of giveaways. Max’s Group Inc. (MGI) was kind enough to share a set of GCs for each of their restaurants. It was really hard trying to choose a winner for some of the contests. Again, thank you so much to everyone for joining and I hope you continue to read my blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Max’s Restaurant- Nehj Ajero

Thank you for joining and the combination of Fried Pork belly and Shrimp Sinigang sounds delicious!

Krispy Kreme- Paul Lamsin

I hope you and your family enjoy the doughnuts. Excellent choices by the way, I love Tiramisu!

Pancake House- Briteny Jolie Fabian

The Roast Beef Special and Pan Grilled Pork Belly sounds like a yummy combo. Let’s hope Pancake House takes you up on your suggestion of including it in their Choose from Any Two promo.

Sizzlin Steak- Angelie Namindang

Enjoy dining at Sizzlin Steak with your hubby! Thanks for always supporting!

Teriyaki Boy- Kharen Mallari

Kharen, please enjoy this with your mom. Remember that there’s nothing simple about being a housewife. Before I started working I was a housewife and it’s just as tiring. I know stay at home mom’s aren’t given the credit they deserve but you’re molding your children into good human beings and citizens. Enjoy!

Yellow Cab- Daien Lay

I just recently discovered how good Sisig was. For me it had a bad rap because from what I knew it was made of innerds and such but a good friend introduced me to pork sisig and it was amazing. I would love for Yellow Cab to try this and maybe add to their menu!

Congratulations again! Please check the emails you provided for details on how to claim your prize. Also, I’d love to see how you guys enjoyed the different meals you ordered. Share your pics with me on FB (@theartofmom) or IG (@olskj)!

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