Being a mom can be tough, between balancing work, household and all my kids needs I could use a little help! Sanicare, a familiar home brand, gathered mom bloggers to learn and talk about cleanliness and hygiene for their families. I was lucky to be one of those mommy bloggers who discovered more about their full range of products. The intimate event started with us visiting 3 stations focused on Kitchen, Personal and Baby set ups.

First off was the Baby Care station where lifestyle blogger, Sarah Tirona discussed hacks and hygiene tips focusing on products geared towards babies and kids. I liked discovering that Sanicare has large cotton buds which has big tips that act as a stopper to prevent eardrum piercing and limits penetration.

At the Kitchen station, mommy blogger Frances Sales shared her tips on kitchen clean up and food prep. Some of the hacks she shared were ones I used myself though the tip of cleaning deep bottles was a helpful one and all with just the use of Sanicare kitchen towels. There are regular and jumbo sizes and they’re both tough and absorbent. Excellent for clean ups and spills.

The last station was headed by beauty blogger Shari Macainag showing us beauty and bathroom hacks. I am loving Sanicare’s product range but I am most thrilled with their disposable toilet seat cover that comes in a pretty design.

Sanicare is known for their tissue and towels but they have expanded their line to accommodate specific home needs.

Facial Tissue- Their 3 ply tissue made from 100% Virgin Pulp is artifical free and comes in boxed and travel packs.

Cleansing Wipes (80’s and 15s)- The wipes are gentle, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and lightly scented.

Cotton (150s)- Perfect for everyday use and won’t stress the skin.

Ecolayer Bathroom Tissue- Ecolayer tissue rolls combine two tissue paper layers made from virgin pulp and recycled grade paper pulp forming durable tissue.

Interfolded Hand Towel- Available in 1 ply (175 pulls) and 2 ply (150 pulls) made from 100% virgin pulp.

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover- Protects from germs in public restrooms and bathrooms.

Handipack (40p)- Bathroom tissue interleaved making it easy to carry.

Upon seeing the baby care line I really wished these were available when mine were still babies. Sanicare has introduced baby underpads, baby wipes (which I use!), jumbo cotton balls, cotton and buds.

Baby Underpads- 5 layers of super soft non woven material, tissue paper, powder and PE plastic backing to leave the surface dry and comfortable, convert liquid to gel droplets, minimizes odor and prevents leakage.

Baby Wipes (80’s and 15s)- Soft, gentle and cloth like with no perfume alcohol or paraben suitable enough for newborns.

Jumbo Cotton Balls- 100% soft pure cotton that’ll cover more surface when cleaning baby’s bum.

Cotton Buds- Buds in mini and large sizes. The mini cotton buds are safe for baby’s nose and belly. The large buds perfect for baby’s ears.

I’m big on kitchen towels. In fact, my kitchen never goes without it. The Kitchen Hygiene line carries kitchen towels, lunch napkins, and dinner napkins.

Kitchen Towels- Available in jumbo and regular with moisture locking technology to absorb light or heavy spills.

Lunch Napkins- Comes in an elegant embossed border design.

Mood Dinner Napkins- Perfect for special meals and available in white and black with a cloth like feel.

Sanicare also introduced their very first brand ambassador, Bianca Gonzales- Intal. According to Sanicare Marketing Director Ms Lea Sio Pacis, Bianca is the perfect choice to represent the brand and not just because she has been a long-time Sanicare user. “Bianca represents the moms of today. She is independent and hardworking but her priority is always caring for her husband and baby,” said Ms. Pacis.

Bianca shared that her own mom shopped Sanicare products and it unconsciously became her brand of choice when she started shopping for her own home.

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