A bank that consistently innovates, meets the demands of the ever changing Philippine banking industry and encourages and aids consumers to pursue realistic dreams. That’s what we all need from a bank which RCBC Savings has consistently tried to strive for. One of the leading universal banks in the Philippines, Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC) reveals new logo and corporate tagline “We believe in you,” which signals the start of a new era of providing excellent and trusted banking services.

“This milestone signals the arrival of a more committed, refreshed and re-energized RCBC, that is ready to meet the demands of the ever-changing Philippine banking industry,” said RCBC President and CEO Gil A. Buenaventura.

“We believe in you” is not just a tagline for RCBC, at the same time, this new corporate thrust is meant to encourage us to dream and pursue their passions and dreams and turn them into reality.

The simpler, younger and more minimalist logo embodies RCBC’s new mission of being more accessible to younger Filipino depositors, who are looking for better ways to save and grow their money, the RCBC president added.

Taking into consideration the products and services that today’s depositors need, RCBC has created the possibility for every one to achieve their dreams of a beautiful wedding, new home, travel and so much more.

They’ve also worked on being an approachable bank valuing future and current clients. With a strong banking partner that’s ready to  advise them every step of the way, RCBC is putting more emphasis on younger depositors, who need more guidance in managing their money.

Estimates from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that 1/3 of the Philippine population are millennials. A 2015 Labor Force Survey, also by the PSA, showed that 47.1 percent of the 42 million labor force belongs to the 15-34 age group. This means that more and younger Filipinos need bank services to manage their finances.

Among the many RCBC products, in particular there’s RCBC’s Debit Cards, which depositors can get when they open an RCBC savings or checking account and an RCBC product portfolio which customers can manage online such as the Unit Investment Trust Funds and iSave, an automatic deduction from existing RCBC accounts, done every payroll, which helps depositors to set aside money for future use.



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