Every once in awhile my body will crave for some pampering. Be it a massage, a facial or some nail love my body seeks a way to pamper itself. With that, I trooped on down to Nail It! Salon at the newly opened Vertis North to give my nails some much needed attention.

I instantly loved the decor and chosen theme of the salon. Purple hues in a bed of soft and white luscious surroundings made it a very comfortable yet chic place to get some relaxation.

Their services include hand & foot care with the following options:

Simply (Spray, Soak, Remove, Clean, Buff, Stroke and w/ or w/o color)- Hands: P220/ Feet: P280 | Coloring (Spray, Soak, Remove, Color)- Hands P100/ Feet: P130 | Pampering (Spray, Soak, Remove, Exfoliate, Signature Mask, Stroke)- Hands: P250/ Feet: P300 | Soothing (Spray, Soak, Remove, Paraffin, Stroke)- Hands: P375/ Feet: P450 | Clarifying (Spray, Soak, Remove, Exfoliate, Clarifying Mask, Stroke)- Hands: P350/ Feet: P400

They laso have complete care packages and services for men and little ones.

Their selection of nail polish is quite plenty using top brands such as Opi and Orly. It was so hard choosing a color!

When it comes to nail polish colors I go light on my hands and a bit darker on my toes.

I was choosing between these two but as per usual I went for the softer color. The liquid sand piqued my curiosity and since I had been seeing these kinds of nails I wanted to give it a try myself.

My nail specialist, Sauda was gentle and patient. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like too much chit chat. Rather I take these times and moments as a chance for me to reflect and get some semblance of a peace of mind.

The liquid sand polish seems to be a choice for the adventurous. I found it cute and nice but the roughness unsettled me somewhat. I loved the softness of the pink though and as always it made me feel just a notch above my usual self.

It was an honor to be present at the blessing of the salon. Any establishment that officially announces it’s venture is a blessing on its own and I was happy to support.

Owned by Ms Jean Uvero and franchised by Ms Lot Zerrudo the partnership is an exciting one for both. With Ms Jean’s guidance this Nail It! Salon is sure to  be a success.

Though I’m not a businesswoman, I love hearing about the ideals and realities when it comes to forging and maintaining a successful business. Ms Jean shared some of her struggles and it was a humbling moment to realize that when you love what you do you set aside your own personal frustrations in moments where you need clarity.

In just a few months time Vertis North will be a hip and happening place (throwback wording right there!). Make sure to visit Nail It! Salon for some much needed pampering when you’re in the area.

Contact Nail It! Salon Vertis North

Ayala Vertis North Mall next to Trinoma
Quezon City, Philippines
Call 0915 683 8086
FB & IG @nailitvertisnorth
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