The lovely Yassi Pressman is the newest beauty to endorse the popular beauty soap, Silka Papaya Soap. She was the perfect choice for this as she herself has been a long time user of the brand. It was a rather gloomy afternoon at the Artsy Cafe where the Yassi Meet and Greet LIVE! happened. Despite that though her radiant beauty and charming personality brought plenty of light and life to the room.

With the theme, #NagmadaliNagkamali (In a hurry and made a mistake- sorry! that’s as simple as I could make it!) she shared her own fails when it came to rushing something and making a mistake. Her own experiences were of crash dieting and trying to achieve beautiful skin. Which teaches us that we should never hurry something that takes time and should be done properly.

I’ve had plenty of those but none came to mind during the event. Probably I can say getting married at a young age was a major one but also (and I don’t know if it’s just me) trying to get ahead of a situation but failing because of presumptions or overstepping. A good example is texting a reply. It really pays to take your time and not rush replying. I think almost everything comes at an opportune time.

The Silka brand under Cosmetique Asia carries 4 varieties of beauty soaps and 2 kinds of lotion. They also have brands, Biogenic and Bambini.

Packed with papaya enzymes for exfoliation and Vitamin E for moisturizing, Yassi keeps her naturally beautiful skin glowing.

Their lotion line also guarantees to whiten in as early as 7 days!

“There are no instant solutions because beauty is an everyday regimen. This is paralleled with the success story of Yassi and that’s what makes her an inspiration to all the women who aspire to be like her,” says Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Manager.

Visit Silka’s Facebook page to watch the Live Meet and Greet!

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