Birthdays are such a milestone that they’re either dreaded or awaited. When you’re younger it’s something you await but when you’re older I think it’s something you dread… even just a little bit. Am I right?!  Though there’s a little bit of dread it’s still a celebration for me and it’s one that I’d like to share this year with a birthday giveaway. I’m having 6 giveaways in all and the first is GCs from Maxs Restaurant!

If you’re familiar with the restos under Maxs Group Incorporated (MGI) then you can pretty much guess what the next 5 giveaways are going to be. I’d like the winners to enjoy a full and happy meal from Maxs Restaurant and I’m making it really simple with just a few items to follow in the mechanics (scroll to the bottom) but first check out what we ate when we dined at Max Restaurant in Fairview Terraces.

Spring Chicken (Php340)

Sinigang na Baboy (Php309)

Chopsuey (Php225.50)

For a family of 4 not so strong eaters this was more than enough for us. We ordered our all time favorite chicken and sinigang. We would have ordered Sinigang na Hipon but Jael has been having allergies lately.

For me a birthday is best spent with family and my kids are my heart and soul. I crave spending time with them though I must admit time alone can be a precious gift. Our conversations and interactions are always funny and enlightening.

Maxs Restaurant is a family favorite for many. Special occasions are usually spent here such as Kianna’s graduation and one Christmas a couple years back. I’d love to share the same joy we get from dining here with all of you.


1 lucky winner will win Php1000 worth of Maxs Restaurant GCs!

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*Metro Manila only including Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna. Shipping by Fastrack and areas allowed by their service only. 

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