When I stroll the supermarket during my weekly run I always keep an eye out for promos and discounts. What mom doesn’t, right? Even the little savings we get from our market runs is a big help when it comes to budgeting expenses. Every month of July the Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival offers some pretty amazing deals on their meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, delicatessen and produce.

The Freshtival officially launched on July 4 at Robinsons Magnolia where customers were treated to sampling booths, special promos and a few mascots who livened up the launch.

So what are these promos and discounts that I keep mentioning? Well, to start off kids get a free apple when you shop at Robinsons Supermarket.

The daily diet should most definitely include fruits and they have a vast selection. In season fruits are available and as you can see their colorful selection is fresh and of a good variety.

Traditionally, moms shop at wet markets however more and more moms are doing their’s at the supermarket. What’s the need to go elsewhere when a supermarket can provide you everything from produce to snacks and toiletries. Doing your grocery shopping in one go is a huge time saver.

Robinsons Supermarket actively promotes health and wellness and to ensure that they give factual nutritional information they’ve partnered with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI). You’ll see these helpful tips all around the produce section.

The month long Freshtival highlights a multitude of brands that offer products to help ensure you keep to a healthy lifestyle. Expect brands such as Nestle Philippines, Johnson & Johnson, Fonterra, Unilab and Wyeth Nutrition, Unilever, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI), Procter & Gamble, Abbott NUtrition, Getz Bros, Ecossential, Del Monte, Foodshphere Inc., and Philusa.

To keep up with consumer needs for a healthier lifestyle, they’ve also upped their produce section with GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) approved products.

In case you were wondering, products are given the GAP stamp of approval when fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize the risk of microbial food safety hazards.

The one thing I don’t like about going to the public market is the need for the ability to sense which food is fresh in a matter of minutes. You have to scrutinize, weigh it in your hands, for a mom like me that’s time consuming. You’re probably thinking what kind of person can’t choose produce but time is very limited for me what with having work at home jobs and 3 kids. My thinking is always, fast, efficient and productive.

I was fascinated to learn that there’s an in between when it comes to organic and regular fruits and vegetables. Organic products are expensive and trying to keep a diet with just that is too heavy on the pocket for a mom on a budget. What Robinsons Supermarket has done is provide an in between option. Though not considered wholly organic they’re of the most natural variety.

To be honest, the part of grocery shopping I don’t look forward to is buying meat and fish. That’s why I love their selection because they provide pre-cut meats.

Another, great savings only this July on chicken thighs. Their meat and fish are carefully selected from partner farms and they make sure to support local communities as a way of giving back.

My favorite choice! Pre-cut and packed by part. I always make sure to get a couple of these.

They even have a Halal section where food is specially prepared by kind to cater to those who practice Islam.

Ahhh… cheese one of my comfort foods. Did you know they have a wide variety of cheeses in select Robinsons? There’s even pesto cheese.

At the opening I tried some Colby Jack Cheese which is one of the best cheese I’ve tasted and it’s readily available at a Robinsons Supermarket near you.

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Come and do your grocery shopping with me at Robinsons Supermarket! This month of July, their Freshtival offers plenty of exciting fresh deals and promos and introduces their organic and GAP approved produce products. Have so much to share about it with you. Watch out for my blog post!#Freshtival #Freshtival2017 #RobinsonsSupermarket #ILoveWellness #WellnessFestival

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Some participating brands at the Freshtival.

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Check out Robinsons Supermarket on Facebook and their website to see what’s in store.

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