A fully stocked kitchen needs reliable and durable utensils and equipment. I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments where you’re prepping your ingredients and your can opener or peeler breaks on you. One piece of kitchen equipment to consider is the peeler which seems like an insignificant item but is much needed. I think I’ve been through at least 5 peelers in the past 17 years. Introducing the Tupperware Click Series Set, a peeler with an ergonomic handle and one touch release button and three interchangeable heads that come in a storage box.

There are 3 heads:

1. Wide head-  an 8cm blade in Lettuce leaf for peeling long and white vegetables

2. Universal head- a double sided blade serrated in Crushed Raspberry for soft fruits and veggies and straight for hard fruits and veggies

3. Vertical head- comes in sunflower for peeling hard or round fruits and vegetables with a potato eye remover

This set is originally sold for Php1,699 but is on a special offer for July- Php1,299.


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