A well stocked and fully equipped kitchen would inspire anyone to cook. Whether you’re a first time cook or an experienced one, your kitchen equipment and appliances should be dependable most especially your range oven or stove. Even novice cooks can attest that using a reliable stove or range that produces consistent heat or flame can do wonders to one’s cooking.

La Germania, is one of the preferred household brands of professional chefs, home cooks and foodies, with an array of cookers and ovens that suit the demands of all kinds of culinary needs. Its wide assortment of products from its five-gas burner range ovens to single burner tabletop gas and electric stoves can also fit any budding cook’s budget.

A special luncheon was prepared by Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s for an introduction of the La Germania line.

With its Italian heritage, which can be traced to its principal Bertazzoni, La Germania products have been meticulously engineered to be tough enough to withstand the constant grind of the modern Filipino kitchen.

Manufactured locally by General Heat Corporation under the trademark La Germania, by virtue of a licensing agreement between Bertazzoni SPA of Italy, La Germania stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cookers and accessories are prized by families and professional kitchens for their longevity, mileage, superior quality and performance.  It is also distributed in the Philippines alongside its sister brands Bertazzoni La Germania and Bertazzoni.

They gave some tips and showed how some of their well renowned dishes are prepared.

Just a couple of the mouth watering offerings at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s.

La Germania is available in Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers nationwide.

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