Burger Steak, Yum Burger, Spaghetti and Hotdog. What do they have in common? They’re our favorite Jollibee meals! This household doesn’t go a week without having some form or other of Jollibee Delivery. That’s mostly from Jael’s incessant prodding and my giving in to the cravings!

A new dance craze is hitting the streets or at least our homes. Have you done the #87000 moves yet? I learned them myself recently AND got to see Sarah Geronimo live and in action dancing to the catchy tune. Jollibee expanded the full production of its commercial for their nationwide express delivery hotline with a Facebook live broadcast that offered unlimited access to the line-up of activities happening inside 55 Events Place, Quezon City.

Fans who tuned in were able to catch Sarah G. having fun with her loyal Popsters, and even peek into her personal Jollibee favorites and next career moments.

Their are moments where you cringe and sadly I had one at this event! Not anyone’s fault but my own. I’m just a really horrible singer! I had tons of fun though once again getting out of my shell and trying something new albeit in front of an audience and a live one at home.

My very “unmelodic” voice attempted to sing the jingle ala Gary V. Can you believe that? I still can’t…

Sarah was all hands in showing us her dance moves, singing and satisfying our curiosity on a variety of topics. The audiences at home got to participate through their screens, suggesting the next challenges for the celebrity and urging her on with their comments and reactions on social media.

Some fun and interesting facts about Sarah G.

Her 8 memorable moments:

  1. Winning “Star for a Night”
  2. Her song Forever’s Not Enough
  3. Having platinum and gold albums
  4. Her debut solo concert at Music Museum
  5. Performing at Araneta Coliseum for the first time
  6. Her first movie A Very Special Love
  7. Her ASAP performances where she got to hone her singing and dancing talent
  8. Of course, being a Jollibee endorser!

3 Jollibee Moments

  1. First commercial with Mark Bautista (whih took more than 50 takes!)
  2. Having Jollibee as a guest at her concert in Arenta Colisuem
  3. A charity event where they fed kids from an orphanage one Christmas

Sarah sampled a delivery to the event by dialing #87000 and ordered a smorgasbord of Jollibee food! The audience waited as the fastfood chain’s delivery staff walked up to Sarah to handover the bags of “langhap-sarap” treats to the star of the commercial.

“Don’t forget the hashtag!” Sarah reminds her audience as she once again showed us the dance steps. The ever-grateful celebrity proceeded to thanking her audience and Jollibee, her partner for her onstage and Facebook live comeback.

Get your favorite meals just by dialing in Jollibee favorites through #87000, its nationwide express delivery hotline.

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