Year 2 of YouTube Fan Fest Manila for us and this time with the whole family! This time around Kianna brought along a friend and Bastian and Jael joined us. Kianna was super excited to see Superwoman & Matt Steffanina while Jael was dying to see Guava Juice’s partner in crime Alex Wassabi.

Still at the World Trade Center my dilemma was how to get all of us there. Luckily, UberXL had just launched so I took advantage of that and brought us to and from the event using that.

Kianna’s eagerness not to be late made us get to the event a couple of hours early. We hung around until we could find just the right position for us to watch the show from. Kianna and Bastian went off into the crowd and knowing Kianna she’d try to get as close as possible to the front. Jael and I hung back as I feared JL would get trampled and I was right. Every time a YouTuber came out the people went wild.

Kianna was able to attend the Fan Fest with the help of Manila Concert Junkies being one of their representatives. She was super excited this year and even came dressed in red!

The fan fest had the usual day’s activities but the real show started at 7pm. Jollibee provided free food for everyone. I like that it was organized in that people lined up when necessary. YouTube Fan Fest is an exclusive event so it wasn’t overcrowded as only a limited number of tickets were provided.

There was less audience participation but a lucky goer won 2 round trip tickets to any destination in the Philippines! Lucky him!

Kianna was in awe of this talent as she sang a few songs with such a beautiful voice and kind heart.

Just a short look at Matt Steffanina engaging the crowd as he danced with none other than Jollibee.

The most awaited YouTuber of the night, Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman! Kianna told me she was stunned and held her breath for pretty much the whole time Lilly was on stage. I have to admit even I was engaged in her performances.

Kianna showed me a video Superwoman did after the show that makes for a good reminder for us to not live through the screen but live in the moment. Pretty on spot advice.

Thanks to Manila Concert Junkies and Christian Melanie Lee!

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