Another year of packing lunches and snacks is upon us. Sometimes, it seems like it’s the hardest part of the day! Well, not seriously but it does cause me some persona anxiety because I’m not a natural in the kitchen. Coming up with varied lunches and snacks can have its difficulties but one of my go to drinks this year will be Motts Apple Juice.

Jael was thrilled to get a crate of it along with some red apples. Between my 3 kids, Jael is the most fond of apple juice. I love that he always pours me a glass when he pours one for himself. He keeps me healthy!

The kids will be starting the school year strong with their daily dose of Motts Apple Juice. Consisting of 100% real apples with added Vitamin C, this apple juice doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Years back, I was drinking apple juice everyday when I was first diagnosed with gallstones. I had read up on home remedies for it and drinking apple juice was one of them.

It comes in 32 ounce and 64 ounce PET bottles with an easy grip handle. It also comes in cans for easy packing in lunch boxes.

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