Share a Letter for Mom this Mother’s Day and Win a Robinsons Supermarket Gift Basket!

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Mom’s day comes around only once a year and I wanted to make it a special one! Robinsons Supermarket and I have teamed up to give away 3 gift baskets to 3 deserving moms this Mother’s Day!

Robinsons Supermarket has always put health and wellness first and they’re sharing a gift basket filled with healthy treats worth Php1500 each.

“Write a letter to your mom and win a grocery basket from Robinsons Supermarket!”


It’s really easy to win a gift basket for that special woman in your life. Just follow the Rafflecopter mechanics to get a chance to WIN 1 of 3 gift baskets! There will be 2 winners on Facebook and 1 winner on Instagram.

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The winners of the #RobinsonsSupermarketxMothersDayGiveaway!

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Contest ends May 26, 2017

Prizes will be picked up by the winners at 2f Zaragoza Bldg., 102 Gamboa street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Open to Metro Manila only.

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52 thoughts on “Share a Letter for Mom this Mother’s Day and Win a Robinsons Supermarket Gift Basket!

  1. Hi, mommy! Being the only daughter in the family, our relationship is undeniably firm and strong. I know almost everything about you as to how much you genuinely know me as well. That is why, I also know exactly the thing that will make you smile for this coming mother’s day. You deserve this basket from Robinsons Supermarket because I know this will make you happy by the fact that you love groceries!!! Bawas din sa gastos, mommy, hehehe mwa!

  2. To my Dearest Mama,
    First of all I am thankful to God that He gave me a wonderful mother. Thank you Mama for everything, from taking care of our family and struggling for work to be able to take me to school until I earned a degree. This time, I’d really promised to myself to give you what you truly deserve. As for now that I have my own family, I decided to live together with you, my parents to be able to take care and be beside you always. I love you Mama, wishing you good health to be able to see your future apos. Happy Mother’s Day!
    From your one & only child,

  3. Mama, thank you for everything you’ve done to us, for giving me life. Even tho there is a distance and years of separation I understand why you come up with the decision to work abroad, because it’s for our own sake. Your sacrifices, even endured pain made me the person I am now. I love you so much, Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  4. Mama,i love you so much,though im not into of showing it a lot,but i do love you and papa.I would love to visit you on mothers day bu i cant because of my mother duties too,but i will try.Im so thankful for all the love,wisdom,care yoy showed me,i now understand why you’re so strict when i qas young and i really wish i could turn back time and listen to you. missing you so much..

  5. Momi.

    I used to write a dozen and more letters for you when I was young. I saw all those inside the box you keep, perhaps for a very long time. It shows those letters are important to you though. Thank you for giving value.

    Two days from now is Mother’s Day. I still haven’t bought you a gift. I joined this Robinson’s Supermarket contest with high hopes I win and I give you this basket of healthy products.

    You know I’m struggling now. Yet you’re still there, forever being loyal as a mom. I am old enough to fight my battles and yet you’re still there holding my hands and keeping me sane.

    Thank you, momi. And just like those letters you keep, I will end this with

    I love you and you’re the best mom in the world.


    Berlin Domingo

  6. I want to thank you Mom and tell how fortunate I am to have you as my mother for always looking for my best interest and for devoting most of your time and effort to raised and guide me. I know being a single mother is hard and difficult yet you remain strong and steadfast. Every word you said has a wisdom that I applied in everyday life until now because it has a valuable lesson and best of all you taught me how to have faith in God. Thank you Mom for all of this

  7. Hi Nanay,
    Happy Mothers day tomorrow and Happy Birthday on Monday. You’ve been so patient with all of us 5 all these years and im so proud to have born by you. We may be rich but who cares when you and daddy filled our hearts with so much love everyday. Thank you for loving us unconditionally and striving so hard to make us a better a person each day. May this basket of goods and healthy food for you ,make you feel loved and cared for somehow 🙂 Well see you tomorrow and i terribly misses you everyday. Love you always, mwahh

  8. For nine months you carried me inside
    Took the risk and showed me light outside
    Nothing’s more cheerful to feel and hear
    Than the touch of a hand so dear.

    Cared for me as hard as you could
    Change the world for me of you would,
    Bathed me, washed me, never lets me weep,
    Changed my diapies and held me to sleep.

    You are my doctor, my nurse and my teacher,
    My chef, my sister and also my preacher
    Taught me my ABC’s and 123’s
    Took care of me and it’s all for free.

    You will swim the depths of the seven seas,
    When I am down and drowning with tears
    Will search the forest so dark and deep,
    When I am lost and continues to weep.

    Nothing beats the warmth of your hug,
    Can never replace your endless love,
    And because you love me dearly,
    I really LOVE you MOM!

    by: veni anabo

  9. To my mom Erlinda, you’ve work all your life just to raise me good.With your hardwork, patience and love for us you sacrifice your own hapiness. I love you mommy with all my heart. Though sometimes we argue we never let the day passed without saying i love you and im sorry. You deserve a gift from Robinsons because you should to be treated like queen, pampered with good and healthy products. Happy Mother’s Day mommy!

  10. Dear Mama,

    I thank you for all my good qualities because I got them from you.
    I’m tough yet soft at heart because you’ve taught me to be.
    I’m joyful because you’ve shown me that life has to be celebrated every second.

    I may have spent only 20 years with you because you went back to God early
    but truly your words and wisdom is my guide to life and I’m passing them to my children as well.

    Happy Mother’s Day in heaven, Ma!


  11. To my dearest mama, happy mothers day 🙂 thank you for everything and for the unconditional love. No words can fit how thankful I am to be your daughter, you are the best. We may have shortcoming but at the end of the day we both know that we stand by each other and God knows that I am always praying that you and dad may live longer.

  12. To my sister,

    This Mother’s day you deserve this treat because you have been a supermom to Miguel and a great wife to Carlo. I have always admired you and the work that you do and today I would like to show how much I appreciate you. Thank you for supporting me as a mom myself and for the guidance you give me. You are my bestfriend and I hope I say it enough for you to know that I am grateful to have you as my sister. Salamat sa mga damit, sapatos, at mga grocery na naiuuwi ko galing sa inyo pag bumibisita kami. Thank you din for always thinking about Enzo and caring for him like your own son. I love you and Happy mother’s day!:)


  13. To my beloved Mama Angela Cuna,
    Ma, thank you is not enough for everything you’ve done to us your children. For all the struggles and challenges para mapalaki niyo po kami ng maayos at may takot sa Diyos. Para mapag aral niyo po kami, Kasi sabi niyo nga po “edukasyon lang ang maipapamana niyo po sa amin”. Kaya mama, you deserve this treat from Robinson’s Supermarket dahil sa lahat ng sakripisyo at hirap na dinanas niyo po. Happy Mother’s Day Mama! Mahal na Mahal po namin kayo. Ingat po kayo palage. I love you mama!

  14. Mom,
    Throughout my life you always been the strength that holds me up in the storm of my life,i just wanna say Thank you for all the love that you have given me all my life,Thank you also for raising me to be a good person and for teaching me values that helped along the way as a woman,All of these i am Thankful to you mom,I love you so much and Happy Mother’s day!
    ….My Mom deserve to have these wonderful gift from Robinsons Supermarket,simply because she is loving and ultimate mom ever!

  15. To my wife, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I am blessed to have you as my wife and as a mom of our daughter. You are the best mom I have ever seen. I am amazed on how you juggle office and home and still manages to carry on and give us love, care, understanding, and affection.

    Your love tank always full even if we are always clinging to it. Because of that, you really deserve a gift basket from Robinson’s Supermarket that is full of love and overflowing with care and healthy stuff. You are the best mom and always bear in your heart that you are appreciated, loved forever and always!

  16. Hi..thanks for this giveaway. I shared the giveaway post on my FB wall but I can’t tag your fb page. I have provided the link in the rafflecopter. Here’s mg letter to my mom.

    To my Mother-Earth,
    Like I always tell you, words are not enough to thank you. Now that I am also a mom, Mas naiintindihan na kita. Mas gets ko na kung bakit ganun ka kahigpit sa amin. Welk, before kasi naiinis ako pag ganun ka.pero ngayon narealize ko na hindi ko naman maabot kung ano ako ngayon kung hindi dahil sa paggabay, pag-aalaga at walang sawang pag-intindi mo sa amin. You are one of God’s greatest blessing. Kahit medyo weird ang set-up ng family natin, happy pa rin ako kasi andyan ka. Ingat ka dyan lagi at wag makulit, okay?! Happy Mother’s day. We heart you! ❤

    Ang maganda mong anak,


  17. To my sister Marilyn Duran, Happy mothers day ate. Lubos at walang sawang nagpapasalamat po ako sayo at sa family mo sa lahat lahat na kabutihang ginawa mo sa family ko at sa papa natin. Napaka mabuti mong ate sa amin at lahat gagawin mo sa abot ng yung makakaya para sa amin. Sa lahat ng effort at sacrifices mo at sa kabutihan,pagmamahal mo sa amin deserve nyo po ate na regalohan nitong grocery basket from Robinsons Supermarket. Alam ko gustong gusto mo to at deserve mong makatanggap nito this Mothers Day. Once again Happy Mothers Day & we love you!

  18. Dear Mom,
    You are the best gift that god has given me and I really thank him
    For you . You are the sweetest and ever supportive mom. Words are not enough how grateful I am and how proud I am to have you. Thank you for the understanding,sacrifices, and for the unconditional love.
    I pray for your good health and long life.


  19. To my dearest and most beautiful woman after me hihi, I would like to thank you mommy for taking care of me. Thank you for supporting me all through the years. Being a single parent is not easy, and for that I really admire you the most. With all of your sacrifices you’ve done for us, Im really proud to be the daughter of yours. I love you always and forever, mommy. <3 @krisastrid 🙂

  20. Nanay, Happy Mother’s Day! Every year I have a mother’s day greeting to you and I will never get tired of telling you that message more often because you truly are the best mom in the whole world. You are SUPER, you are the true meaning of an invincible woman. Like Moana, you brave the waves and the storms of life and like Mulan you can mask and do the things that you thought you can’t do before that are not yet a mom. But like Cinderella, you raised me withgrace and positivity and like Merida you always make sure you teach us right and everything is a sure hit. Nay, words are not enough to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. No words can describe who you really are as a mom because it is growing and growing everyday and I can’t contain your love because you always make me feel that I am always loved. In return, I hope I can win the gift of basket from Robinson’s Supermarket because you deserve it. It is full of goodness and love. Nanay, I love you so much and I do care for you. Take care of yourself always and I am praying for your long life, good health, and more happy memories to share together. You deserve the best, and you will always be.

  21. Dear Mama,
    I learned about behind-the-scenes mothering that I never even knew existed when I became a mom. Things aren’t perfect at home but you managed to do things without askung in return.

    Now, as a mother myself, I came to understand your parenting choices better. My compassion and understanding for homemakers greatly increased. And I thank God for you.

    I know that I’m not a perfect mom myself but I think loving my own child with all heart will suffice. I learned from the best–that is you.

    Thanks for all you’ve done. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Emiliana sison recently posted…Whipped preps you up for SummerMy Profile

  22. Dear Mama,
    I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. All the sacrifices you made for our family are well appreciated. I owe you everything, I owe you my life. I will do my very best to make you proud and do you good. You deserve all the best things in life because you are the best Mom in the world! I love you heaps!

  23. Dear Mama,

    I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. Your sacrifices for our family were all appreciated. You have a beautiful heart beyond compare. I promise to make you proud and do you good because you deserve all the best things in life! I love you heaps!

  24. To my supermom,
    I want to say thank you for all you’ve done to us. You know how much we love you even, dad is in heaven we never feel we’re not complete because of your unconditional love. You never fail to look over us, our family specially in our studies that time. Your nanay-duties performed with greatness. Mom, my one and only queen of our hearts you deserve to be given a reward, to atleast let you feel that your best is endless, that we are always and will be forever amazed to a woman like you. I salute you mom, I love you supermom!

    Love, bunso.

  25. Mom, you deserves only the best especially this groceries. Mom, you are my everything. I will do my best to give you a beautiful life. Without you, there would be no me. I am everything reflected in by your eyes. I am everything approved by your smile. I am everything born by your guidance. I am me only because of you. Promise. I’ll make you proud also. And trust me, I will always here for you no matter what and I will do my very bes t everyday. I am so much thankful that God gave me a mother like you. You are the best in this whole entire world. I love you, Mom. #RobinsonsSupermarketxMothersDayGiveaway

  26. I deserved to win this Basket of grocery for my Mom to thanks them for what we done for me,the sacrifice and unconditional love,the Best thing I want for My Mom to see her Happiness in life so that I do the Best for her ,I word harder for her,My Mom is my Bestfriend who’s lesn on when I have A problem she Always raise me up and understand,thank you Mom for All your the Best Mom no one else Replace you in my Heart your still the Best Mom for ME!!!

  27. To my dearest Nanay, gusto ko mag thank you and at the same time gusto ko din humingi ng sorry. Thank you Kasi never kang nag give up samen and ginawa mo lhat ng makakaya mo to provide fous. Sorry Kasi konaging matigas ang ulo ko noon pero kht ganon hndi mo pa dn ako pinabayaan kht ngaun na may sariling pamilya na ako. Promise ko Nay ,na magiging katulad mo din ako na isang mabuting ina at mabuting asawa. I love you Nay. Happy mother’s Day!

  28. To my dearest Nanay, gusto ko mag thank you and at the same time gusto ko din humingi ng sorry. Thank you Kasi never kang nag give up samen and ginawa mo lhat ng makakaya mo to provide fous. Sorry Kasi konaging matigas ang ulo ko noon pero kht ganon hndi mo pa dn ako pinabayaan kht ngaun na may sariling pamilya na ako. Promise ko Nay ,na magiging katulad mo din ako na isang mabuting ina at mabuting asawa. I love you Nay. Happy mother’s Day! <3

  29. Mommy,

    Thank you for taking care of all of us. You deserve the best in life and in health.
    Always take care! And remember that we are all thinking of you everyday!
    We love you very much!


  30. Dearest Mother,

    Now that I became a mom myself, I somewhat got the picture of how much sacrifice and love it takes to be a mother. Thank you for all those years of love which you’re extending to my children up to present. Thank you for filling our childhood with laughter and delish dishes. Life struck us but it was you who kept our family together until today. Nothing can repay those gestures of affection. I love you, we love you.

  31. To my mama,
    Thank you for the unconditional TLC you gave to our family. For your hard work, patience, faith, kindness and guidance, words are not enough to let you know how we are grateful for having you as our mother. May this gift basket from Robinsons Supermarket makes you feel loved not only by us but also the people around you whom you inspired and touched their lives. We love you and we will always be here for you no matter what.

  32. Hi mama, first of all i would like to say thank you, thanks for all the love, support, kindness, and patience. Thanks for nourishing us and preparing delicious meals everyday. Thanks for teaching us lessons that captured my heart and will surely share to my kids as well. Thanks for taking care of our family and keeping us safe and warm. You know mom, there’s a lot more but to make it short, thanks for everything. For everything that you’ve done for us. I am so blessed that God gave us a mother like you.. I love you so much mom!

  33. Mama, i love you so much thanks for all.the love and support. Thanks for everything! Pagdating ng panahon lahat ng sakripisyo mo para samin mababalik din namin.sayo. God ma!

    To my mommy Fely,
    Thank you very much sa pagmamahal, suporta at pag-aalaga mo sa aming magkakapatid. Itetreasure ko lahat ito. Thank you sa pagluluto mo ng masasarap na pagkain para sa amin and we are really appreciate it. Lahat ng itinuro mo na magagandang asal sa amin ay syang ituturo namin sa aming mga anak. God bless… We love you. Happy Mother’s day.

    Your loving daughter,

  35. Hi Mom!…You will never know how special you are to me, You have tought me to be a mom, Over the years i watched you and today i walk in the foot steps of you to be a good example to my kids and a leading role model mom just like you.
    I love you mom with all my heart.”Happy Mother’s Day!!! (hoping to win)

  36. Dear mom.
    Thank you sa lahat..sobra thankful ako kasi andyan ka kahit nung nangyari sakin.sinosoportahan mo parin ako at mga anak ko no words can express how much i love you and thankful sayo..grabe kahit dimo masabi na nahihirapan knarin ramdam ko yun.pero wala akong narinig sayo..thank you talaga sori kung hindi ako nakinig sayo noon..

  37. Thank you mom for everything that you have done and keeping doing for me ,I thank God for having you as part of y life,you have taught me many good things,today what I have become is because of you!thanks for everything mom I love you!Happy mother’s day!


  38. Email address:
    to my wife and mother of my kids…,
    You are dependable,wonderful and full of kindness
    You are my wife the mother of our children and one of my bestfriends
    because of you my life is filled with smiles,beautiful moments and true love
    I love you to the moon and back,Happy mother’s day!!!

  39. Hi mom!.. You will never know how special you are to me.
    You have taught me to be a mom,over the years I watched you and today I walk in the footsteps of you to be a good example to my kids and a leading role model just like you!
    I love you mom with all my heart <3 <3 <3
    Hoping to win 🙂

  40. I love you Nay! Pagaling ka na po. Andito lang kami ni Papa at mga kapatid ko. Kaya natin lagpasan lahat ng pinagdadaanan natin ngayon, andyan lang palagi si God hindi sya magpapabaya. Wag kapo bibitaw kasi kami lumalaban pa para sayo. We love you for always! You’re the Best Nanay!

  41. To my best mama in the whole world..

    Thank you so much for your 100% effort and hardwork to raise me.. Im so proud to be able to call you my mama..

    Super lucky namin dahil kyo ni papa ang binigay smi ni god n magig parents.. Mahal na mahal ko kyo.. Happy Mother’s Day mama.. Iloveyou

  42. Kung may award man ako na ibibigay sayo Ma. The best teacher. Naka graduate na ako ng college pero wala pa ring tatalo sa galing mo sa pagtuturo ng lahat ng bagay sakin. Yung tinuro mo na hindi lang lumalabas sa tenga kundi dumidiretso sa puso ko. Yung lahat ng pangaral mo ang nagdala sakin kung saan ako naroroon. Mahal na mahal kita MA.

  43. Dear Mama Jubie,

    Motherhood is tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off, sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible. A mother is a woman who created by God to bring love, joy, happiness and caring into his world. I am so glad God has created a woman to be a mother, even though motherhood is a full time job, a mother’s work is never done.

    So, I’m hoping to win this prizes for you, for you to feel that you are special to me and how much I love you even though I do not tell you this often. I owe everything to you! ^_^


  44. Nanay,
    Alam ko na hindi ko palaging sinasabi na “I love you, Nay” but I always show it… Sa mga simpleng bagay to show how much I love you. Simple gestures to say I love you. Salamat sa lahat ng mga nagawa mo sa amin… I just wish na bigyan ka pa ng mahabang buhay ni Lord.

  45. To you Mom,

    I really don’t know how to express my overwhelming gratitude towards you. Being the sole bread winner of the family, you have done much and with flying colors for our family. I remember when I was a kid and how you skip your meals just to give us your food for us not fight and eat all we want. That time, I am happy and contented to get what I want. I don’t even realized how much you suffer to give us comfortable life and how many meals you skipped. I am sorry Mom, for the times I’ve been selfless and stubborn. Thank you because you didn’t gave up on me. You are really incredible and a wonder woman.
    Today and tommorow, I want to giveback on all your sacrifices even though you don’t ask for anything. You really deserve everything good in this world because you are special. I love you so much Mom, yesterday, today and tommorrow.. For tommorrow never ends..

  46. Nanay,
    To the Woman I thank God gave to me my Nanay,she’s the strongest,toughest and selfless woman I’ve ever known the sacrifices that she endure for us her eight children is priceless giving all what we needs and wants nothing left for herself.She taught us to be a Good and God fearing Person to appreciate all the things that we have.Nanay I can never thank you enough for everything that you have done to make sure that my life turns out perfectly thank you for guiding me now that being a Mother I don’t have to be a perfect one I just have to be the best Mom as I can be.Thank you for giving me advice and listening to me for teaching us how to forgive,respect and share our blessings to others how I know you’ll always be there for me no matter what whenever I need a hand,you’re always to lend me yours,you’re always to cheer me on and give me encouragement when it’s needed most. And they said “Hindi mo pa talaga lubos na maiintnidihan at mauunawaan ang isang Ina kung hindi ka pa nagiging Ina”and their right I realize you will do anything and evrything for the sake of your children.Nanay your one of the people who give colors to our lives and I can’t imagine my life without you.Thank you for always being there for us.I love you.❤
    I think My Nanay deserve this gift of basket kasi usually pag reregaluhan ko siya honestly palagi niyang sinasabi na Nak ipag grocery mo nalang ako para pati yung mga kapatid mo eh makakain din at may tatay is a senior na kaya nahihirapan na din siyang magtrabaho at may isa pang college kaming kapatid kaya tulong tulong kami para sa pag-aaral niya at wala ng intindihin sila Nanay malaking tulong sa kanila tong grocery para kahit papaano matuwa si Nanay na madami ulit siyang grocery.Some might see it as a simple things pero sa Nanay ko sobrang masaya na siya and contented.Thank you po sa opportunity and Godbless ❤

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