Uber has been a lifesaver for me and the kids. It’s hard to travel almost anywhere especially with small kids in tow. Having the Uber app has made things much easier. It’s been a good experience so far and I rely on it most of the time. For one the security gives me peace of mind and I’m kind of particular about cleanliness. With Uber I know I won’t be riding an old rusted up car but a clean and newer one.

I got an invite to attend the UberXL Special Mother’s Day promo event in BGC. Jael and I of course, took an Uber to the event.

The intimate discussion and activities were made just for us moms. We got to learn about more aspects of the app and most I wasn’t aware of. I’m usually pretty on top of things but I was surprised that I wasn’t taking full advantage of the app.

Cat Avelino, Head of Communications sat down with us to talk about some Uber highlights and what we could expect with UberXL.

The concept of six seater rides is not a new one but its one that I’ve been waiting for from Uber. Perfect example of when I would need this is today! The kids and I along with their friends are attending the YouTube Fan Fest and I was worried about how I would get all of us there together. UberXL to the rescue! Instead of taking 2 Uber rides we can all go in one vehicle.

Among the many things I didn’t know about the Uber app was the Family profile. My ears perked up at that as I have two teens that are often out and about. You can add your family members to your own profile and book rides for them (at your cost of course) and be able to track where they are on their journey. You get an alert whenever they book a trip.

Press the Menu button (upper left hand color (3 lines) | Go to Settings | Scroll down to Add Family Profile | Add Family members

You have to have a Payment preference though like connecting a credit card to be able to do so.

Uber drivers are constantly encouraged to improve their service. They have Smooth Driving Stats for comparison and a real time ID check where Uber drivers are asked to take a selfie and the selfie is compared to the photo on file. This ensures that the driver in your Uber ride is the assigned driver.

Another example of improving service is the Phone Movement alert where drivers are encouraged to mount their phones so they don’t text or call while driving. A speed alert is also available for drivers who drive excessively fast.

Brush Lettering with Ina Estrada

As part of a special treat we moms got to try our hand at Brush Lettering with Ina Estrada, freelance graphic designer. In elementary I always had the best penmanship. Today that’s far from what’s happening. I literally scribble and my mood dictates the legibility of my handwriting. Sad but true…

I was so excited to be learning this craft as it’s been something I’ve always had an interest in. We were provided brush pens and practice sheets. Ina gave a a short talk about the basics of brush lettering and I picked up plenty of tips from her.

Here’s me concentrating very hard and trying to perfect those wisps and light lettering styles. It’s really all in the heaviness of your hand and the confidence you need to write each stroke. My first attempts showed visible hesitation. As I went on though I could make better strokes.

Needless to say I’ll be practicing and dabbling in this more.

The first line was our guide while the next 2 lines were for us to practice on. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Part of the activities included a Coffee Workshop as well. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I can always appreciate the art that goes into making those cups of coffee.

This Uber session has further put my mind at ease and I’m grateful for a service such as theirs. Keep UberXL in mind for those big family trips or outings with friends. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try it as everyone will be out celebrating this special holiday for moms.

Happy riding and Happy Mother’s Day fellow mommies!

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