Easy and convenient. Two words I love to hear when it comes to the realm of cooking. Being a mom doesn’t make you an instant chef. With the lack of time (and sometimes patience!) I often look for easy to cook meals yet try to keep it healthy. In comes TFH Premium Meat, a premium brand made of all natural ingredients having no preservatives, no artificial flavoring, no nitrates, and no food coloring.

TheĀ original homegrown and artisanal flavors are crafted by chefs and indeed you can taste it with every bite.

Let me share a few of the products I’ve tried and a couple of meals we had.

Fresh Herbed Corned Beef Slab

This, for me was the best of the 3 products I tried. Easy to prepare and very tasty. This slab of beef just requires baking for about 45 minutes to have a juicy and tender dish. Add some baked potatoes drizzled with olive oil and you’re good to go.

Original Hamonado

Keeping it simple with their Original Hamonado. Just fry up a batch and serve with rice.

Classic Franks

TFH Premium Meat products can be found at Landers Superstore.

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