One of the pleasant surprises I received on Mother’s Day was this package from Alaska Milk. Actually, I received it after the holiday and it was a #BelatedMothersDay surprise. It was a hamper full of sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Right at the top of my head I started thinking, tiramisu, leche flan, and my fave apples with condensed. Along with the hamper came some milk recipes to help with ideas on what to cook with this generous supply of milk.
This perfectly made bloom by Te Amo accompanied my #BelatedMothersDay gift! Can you believe it’s a rose that can be preserved for up to 6 months?
Alaska has featured recipes, like Pahabol Braised Pork, May Time Pa Macaroni, Belated Banana Apple Shake, and Pambawi Milk Bread.
French Toast is a favorite in our home. I decided to make a batch of the Pambawi Milk Bread. We didn’t have syrup at the time so I drizzled a stack with sweetened condensed milk and the other stack with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Have a try at this recipe. If you find that it’s too sweet to add a drizzle of condensed or ice cream eating the cooked bread as is, is just as good. Get more recipes on Alaska Milk’s Facebook Page.
To celebrate national #BelatedMothersDay, Alaska made an online film starring a mother who works as a spa attendant. She comes home to a surprise the day after Mother’s Day.

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