Undoubtedly, the storage space on my OPPO F1s explodes when I travel because of all the pictures I take. I went to Club Balai Isabel to get away and have some me time. I know, such a cliche but I was badly in need of some time to myself. I was looking forward to the sights and experiences with my travel buddy, my phone that I knew would give me plenty of good shots to choose from.

Since I’m more of a point and shoot kind of girl the OPPO F1s works perfectly for me. To be honest, I used the auto function for the most part and just slightly adjusted in the evening. I guess it helps that the weather in Batangas was wonderful so all my shots were bright and crisp.

I still have a long ways to go when taking photos but I’ve been practicing. I’ve been working on capturing shots that “tell a story” as my fellow blogger, Joy Gurtiza of joybites.com likes to say. For this shot I wanted to focus on the flower and all I had to do was tap on it.

This is a zoomed image but you can see that it’s still crisp and clear. It’s been a big help when I take videos and pictures of my kids on stage at school since it’s always quite a distance from the stage.

I love this shot and had my blogger friend Yvonne help me out. It was going on to dusk yet I still used automatic settings for this and it came out mysterious and a tad forlorn. I did a bit of reflecting on this trip and gleaned some insights and further inspiration.

My OPPO F1s was really put to the test with action shots that I took during a banana boat ride and jet ski adventure. I was pretty amazed that I took such a clear picture of us during the banana boat ride. With one hand holding on for dear life and the other grasping my OPPO F1s I just had to take this shot as a remembrance of the adventure I took.

I spanned my surroundings as we rode the banana boat and you can see we were going pretty fast.


Life feels like it’s starting for me now. If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know that I’ve just begun to live for myself. Try new things and I’m pretty proud of this weekend away.

I wasn’t brave enough to steer the jet ski and I rode with Yvonne but it was still an adventure for me. Joy took this shot of us coming back to shore and I love the ripple of the waves.

Another zoomed image of a guy who was showing off his skills on a jet ski and rightfully so.

In the evenings, pictures can be harder to take. I still got good shots though. There was a lot of pressing on different parts of the screen to get the best clearest image but it was worth it. On my fellow blogger’s phone the shot was unclear and the lights were sprayed across the screen. I bet I can take an even better picture if I played with the manual settings.

Another adventure, more to come hopefully. I’ll have my OPPO F1s ready for the next!

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