Your Next Summer Getaway Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas

With the hustle and bustle of the year, summer is a much awaited season for all. It’s during this season that the kids are home and the perfect summer getaway can be planned. The heat of the summer and the humidity of the city drives us to seek a cooler climate and beautiful surroundings. Club Balai Isabel can give you that and more with a gorgeous view of Taal Lake, fresh and sprightly greeneries and all the amenities you could possibly need.

With your choice of swimming pools, a variety of lodgings, exciting sports activities and a fusion of flavors in their newly opened restaurant Kumintang Cafe, Club Balai Isabel offers a memorable stay and will keep you coming back for more.

Spacious and Cozy Accommodations

Beyond being a resort, Club Balai Isabel is a community complete with the comforts of city living yet with lush greenery that will have you feeling relaxed the instant you enter their gates.

The resort has a hotel, condotel, villas and cottages. I stayed at Balai Laurel which is near Terraza Restaurant and pool.

Room capacities differ depending on the room but they can accommodate from 1 to 10 people. You’ll find that team buildings and company outings are done here. On the day I was leaving bus loads of people were coming in.

The room was air-conditioned and had a good circulation. It even got really cold at night and I was so snug in my bed. I thought I wouldn’t sleep well but I did.

The condotel has ample toiletries and the kitchen was stocked with bottled water and coffee supplies.

Crystal Clear Swimming Pools

The infinity pool by the clubhouse is conveniently located by Terraza Restaurant and gives you a fantastic view of the Taal lake and volcano. This part of the resort has such an amazing view.

You know those moments that give you a feeling of wonder? I felt that as I looked on from this spot. I’m not a well traveled person but I bet I’d have this feeling anywhere I would get to travel to.

The Kumintang Infinity Pool is their largest pool at 1,800 sq.m. Of their 3 swimming pools I spent my time here. It’s relatively safe just make sure to mind which side of the pool you’re in especially when you’re with kids. There are lifeguards stationed by the pools.

The Talisay Garden Pool is smaller and more secluded.

Luscious Surroundings

To help preserve and conserve the environment, Club Balai Isabel takes part in a solid waste management campaign preserving the natural beauty of the land. The beautiful surroundings in Club Balai Isabel have made it a popular wedding venue. Having function halls and pavilions provides a dream wedding to couples to be whether they have a small or big ceremony. The Spousal of Joseph and Mary Chapel was rebuilt and hopes to be a chapel for brides and grooms.

Aside from water sports, guests can play basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, volleyball, and billiards and darts. There’s a bike rental for those who want to tour the grounds.

Kids can play on the mini playground near the Kumintang Infinity Pool.

Yvonne and I walked all around Club Balai Isabel and took the opportunity to take plenty of pictures. There were many Instagram worthy spots and I took full advantage. The resort is filled with fruit bearing trees, well placed bushes, and an abundance of flowers.

There are a few spots where you can take pictures with the lake and Taal volcano as your background. There’s one where you can sit in an egg shaped chair and one with a frame located by the Pantalan near the Clubhouse.

Thrilling Water Sports Activities

The pier or “Pantalan” by MobiDeep is where the banana boats and jet skis are housed. Water sports activities here include banana boating, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, and fly fishing.

With my OPPO F1s I took a video of us on the banana boat and the lake as we zoomed by. Can you believe it was the first time I ever went out of town by my lonesome? It was also the first time I rode a banana boat and a jet ski. It was definitely a memorable stay in a beautiful place.

Flavorful Dishes at Kumintang Cafe

The soon to open Kumintang Cafe located by the Kumintang Infinity Pool offers a fusion of local flavors. I had the privilege of trying out their dishes specially prepared for us bloggers.

Chef Rick has adapted a menu of local favorites using their own grown vegetables, naturally produced animals and locally sourced fish.

This restaurant has table settings good for 2 up to bigger groups. The lighting in the evening can be romantic with the soft yellows and the stained glass decor.

Pumpkin Soup

The Pumpkin Soup was creamy and smooth with the right amount of flavor.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad 

They used native free range chickens for their dishes such as this salad.

Stir Fry Vegetables

I enjoyed the stir fry vegetables which had Japanese tofu and crisp veggies.

Tilapia Seviche 

The tilapia comes from their own aquarium and this dish is sweet and doesn’t taste like kilawin as it seems on first impression.

Maliputong Steak 

It was my first time to try maliputong fish. It had a butter taste but believe it or not there’s no butter.

Black Pig Steak 

The tenderloin has an adobo like sauce. It was easy to cut and the cherry tomatoes were a nice touch.

Aglio Olio

My personal favorite was the Aglio Olio though that being said pasta is my preferred dish.

Bulalo Burger

It’s the first that I’ve heard of a Bulalo Burger. This is a kid’s choice dish and as you can see is quite filling. It has a special sauce and pat of cheese with a side of fries.


I think I will always love milkshakes and that they’ll be my first choice when ordering drinks. They come in large glasses topped with whipped cream.

Barako Choco and Cheesecake 

Local barako beans are used for their cappuccino style cups of coffee. The cheesecake with blueberry toppings was delicious and tastefully sweet. It’s a smooth slice of cake which I enjoyed very much.

My summer getaway at Club Balai Isabel was a memorable one. My next visit will be with my kids who will enjoy the spacious rooms, exciting water sports and crystal clear swimming pools. I’m looking forward to bringing them back very soon.

I’m thankful to add Club Balai Isabel to my list of traveled places. I’ve created memories and had some much needed insight and inspiration which I really needed. A stay at Club Balai Isabel is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Make sure to visit with family, friends or co-workers for a fun and monumental experience.

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44 thoughts on “Your Next Summer Getaway Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas

  1. Wow this looks like a beautiful place to go for a nice getaway! I could really use a vacation right now and that infinity pool with that view are gorgeous. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. The scenery looks gorgeous! I love that you included some delicious meals too– that’s one of my favorite parts of travelling!

  3. What a beautiful place! Your pictures would make someone long to go for a long getaway! I will have to favorite this location for the next vacation spot!

  4. My husband and I are looking for our next getaway and this looks like one we should put on the list. A little something for everybody .. from beautiful scenery .. to pristine pools .. and the food! Oh dear .. this food blogger would be in heaven!

  5. That’s what I miss in the Philippines, summer getaways with my family (ammm, big family, like with extended family members). We love to plan getaways, too. And this is in Talisay? Oh my, this must be near to our province. I would love to bring my husband there.

  6. I loved the pools. The menu looks so fantastic. This would look like somuch fun. I guess I have to have a family first before we can getaway

  7. It’s really beautiful out there! And you can’t go wrong with the lovely view and the good food. It would be nice to spend the weekend here.

  8. This is such a beautiful location! All of that food look really good, I am not sure what I would enjoy more, the beautiful beaches or the food!

  9. I may have missed it and this looks like a beautiful spot, but I couldn’t find one instance of what country this is in. I would put it n the first paragraph or title.

  10. this is just a miles away from our house in lipa city but i never got a chance to visit or stay on this place. They say, it’is such a beauty and cozy to stay with such a beautiful and nice view, right. Hope to visit this too soon.

  11. What a wonderful getaway location. I’ll definitely remember this when its time to schedule our anniversary vacation. 10 years strong thanks a ton for sharing, that tilapia ceviche looks delicious. I’ll remember that fish for my visit.

  12. My family went to Balai Isabel once to celebrate my birthday a few years ago! We loved it there! We loved that there were many swimming pools to choose from! hahaha We also love that the place is big and has plenty of activities to offer. I heard that they have a new feature this year. We would love to go back here again. 🙂
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