Studio portraits can be expensive but we moms love to capture our family by stages. Often you’ll find that studio shots gloss over your pictures and do a hell of a Photoshop job that sometimes they make you look unrecognizable. Another thing I notice is that you’re given backdrop choices and more often than not we would go for a plain colored one because the artificial forest and other scenery don’t add to the picture value.

What can you do about it? Take matters into your own hands and have your very own family photo shoot! If you’re on a budget like I always seem to be then you need to get a little creative. What do you need?

1. Beautiful surroundings
2. Willing participants
3. Energy
4. OPPO F1s

When you have all of these you’re sure to get excellent pictures from the family photo shoot that you have planned! We decided to have our’s at La Mesa Ecopark. Despite it being a Sunday afternoon it wasn’t so crowded and we were able to claim a little bit of space for our picture taking session.

It was tons more fun having a photo shoot outdoors. We tried out different poses and shots enjoying and laughing as we captured all of it on my trusty OPPO F1s. I brought a tripod with me that had a remote so we could take pictures from afar. Thankfully my OPPO F1s can take pictures in any setting. I hardly had to do any adjusting for the shots we took.

It was also a great experience for us because I’m lucky to have kids who want to spend time with their old mom! They suggested this pose and it definitely shows how fun it was to take these pictures.

No family photo shoot is ever complete for me without having one picture of just my beautiful kids. In studios you usually have to opt for another package to get this. Believe it or not they didn’t plan on wearing all white but it turned out wonderfully.

This may not be a perfect and coiffed shot but as a mom who’s primary reason for having a photo shoot is to capture these beautiful smiles I’d rather have Jael’s unruly hair and people in the background. It reminds me how Jael couldn’t stay in one place and was running around enjoying himself. It also reminds me how Bastian and Kianna were so careful to hold him as they sat on this ledge to take the picture.

Experiences like these not only give you memorable shots but experiences as well. One being “sibling goals” that had us laughing!

Pictures should capture moments and we’ve successfully done that. With my OPPO F1s I was able to take posed shots but capture shots like this that you see here where they’re laughing and happy.

Take time to preserve your family moments and plan your own family photo shoot. Aside from pictures you’ll get happy memories and form an even closer bond with each other.

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