They say a family that eats together stays together and they wouldn’t be wrong. Families sitting down to a meal nowadays are becoming a rare event. With busy schedules and permanently glued gadgets to our hands family time is becoming less and less precious. That’s why the arrival of the food park is such a great way to increase bonding time. Our different tastes and the ambiance of eating outside makes it a fun way to spend that precious time together.

The kids and I recently went to El Neo Garahe Food Park along Commonwealth Ave and ridiculously close to our place. Having just recently opened it was a pleasant surprise to see that almost all the stalls are occupied with the rest opening soon. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere made the evening more cozy for my family.

The unique design of the park focusing on drums and painted tires says “Come, sit and relax.” The chairs and tables alone are already Instagram worthy!

The food park is rather spacious and has more than adequate seating even having some dining areas atop some of the establishments. It’s well lighted and plays music to a comfortable level where a good conversation can be had.

In the center of the food park is a bar where you can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

We settled in and got drinks from Feliz Coffee and Sweets. As we pondered what to order from the neighboring The Braw Barn we leisurely took sips of our pretty drinks. Yes, pretty drinks. Check out what we ordered below.

Winter Wonderland Ice Scramble (Php100)

The ice scramble is back and perfect for the summer. 

Strawberry and Cream Frappe (Php120)

Kianna loves anything strawberries and she enjoyed this frappe.

Cappucino (Php85)

Bastian went for a hot drink despite the heat and liked the smoothness of their cappucino.

As you can see The Braw Barn got its name from the words Burgers Ribs And Wings which means fine and great. Their house specialties include a variety of burger combinations, fall off the bone ribs and flavorful wings. Now that’s saying alot because most of the time I don’t like wings because I’ve found them to be too strong in spice. We ordered the honey glazed and lemon pepper wings and it was just right for me. It was more than enough for the kids as it was gone in a matter of minutes.

Brawkada Treat for 4 (Php690)

They have Brawkada treats for groups of 2 and 4 people.


The ribs are tender and the combination of spices were evenly blended.

Honey Glazed & Lemon Pepper with Mayo Garlic Dip

Both were equally yummy and the garlic mayo was the perfect dip in my opinion.

Sliders and Chips

I’ve always been attracted to sliders. Yes, attracted. I love miniature versions of burgers especially these colorful ones. Jael enjoyed the chips and he finished most of it.

Chocolate Mousse

Perfectly designed and almost too cute to eat! Every bite is a smooth bite of just the right amount of sweetness.

Churros Cup Rocky Road (Php120)

The problem with churros is it can be too oily when not properly made. The topping of ice cream, marshmallows, nuts and chocolate syrup complete this perfectly cooked churros cup.

Smores (Php60)

For the price this is a steal! It’s a healthy plate of perfectly toasted marshmallows teeming with melted chocolate right underneath!

Banana Whipped and Drizzles (Php110)

Crepes are so much fun to eat. Anything with whipped cream and chocolate syrup always does it for me.

Our dining experience was so enjoyable because aside from the delicious food we spent time together catching up. Jael ran around the entire yard and ordinarily I would have been embarrassed but it truly is a family friendly food park.

The Braw Barn and Feliz Coffee and Sweets impressed me so much so that we’re looking forward to returning and trying out the rest of the food stalls.

You have your choice of pizza, rice meals, sides, dimsum and even Japanese. El Neo Garahe Food Park is open daily from 4pm to 12am. They have parking good for about 14 cars.

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