New moms receive many useful baby things. A baby shower gives you everything you need and then some. However, there are some things a new mom needs that she doesn’t receive. These are the practical and helpful items that you usually can’t and shouldn’t live without.

Fashionable diaper bag

Any time you go out with baby in tow you feel like you’re bringing the whole household so you invest in a baby bag that well, looks like a baby bag.

It may be simple and seem unnecessary but believe me you’ll feel much better and prettier if you choose a diaper bag that also looks like a purse.

Today there are many fashionable diaper bags that you wouldn’t think was carrying baby items.

A Belly Band

Nobody thinks to gift a belly band to a new mom. As unsexy as it sounds, after birth weight is hard to lose.  It seems like getting thin and fit would be the last thing on their mind but it’s NOT. The earlier a new mom starts wearing a belly band the better. This of course depends on the doctor’s advise.

A belly band can be used for aesthetic purposes and comfort. There are pull-ons that cover the abdomen and lower waist and ones that are corset like.

Lotions and Creams

Dry hands and feet, chapped lips, an oily face are just some of the problems some new moms can encounter. It would be great to have lotions and creams to soothe their skin and make them feel womanly again. Hopefully they find the time to actually use it!

Shea butter is excellent for dry hands and will work wonders for tired feet. The simple use of coconut oil will soothe chapped lips and will last for hours as compared to chap stick which needs to be applied more often.

The new mom stage won’t last long but it can be much easier and more comfortable. Easing simple discomforts gives a positive outlook day to day.

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