Can you have your home sprayed for bugs if you have a new-born baby?

If you suspect that you have a problem with pests in your home you should never let it go unresolved. The problem will not go away on its own and pests can cause damage to your property. They can also cause health problems for you and your family, in some circumstances. If you have a new-born baby in your home you may be worried about having pest control work carried out.

Let’s take a look at whether it’s safe to use pest control bug spray in your home if you have a young baby. We will also explain why it makes sense to hire a professional Burnaby exterminator in order to make sure you address this safety concern and any others you may have.

Is it safe to have pest control carried out if you have a new-born

As we have already stated, it’s important that you speak to a reputable pest exterminator if you want to make sure that all of your safety concerns are addressed. The exterminator will normally call to see you and evaluate your situation. They will also explain any safety precautions that you need to take.

If you have a new-born baby in the house you will normally be advised to keep them away from the property whilst any treatment work is being carried out and for the two to four hours afterwards when treated surfaces are drying. This advice normally applies to any young children as well as pregnant women, people with health conditions that can affect breathing and pets.

If you follow the instructions you are given pest control is completely safe, even if you have a young baby in your home.

What other preparations will you need to make?

You will be told what preparations you need to make before pest control work begins in your home. If you are having your kitchen treated, you will normally be told to clear out cabinets and place the items in an area of your home which is not being treated. You will also normally be advised to clean out the cabinets; doing this makes the baits used during treatment more effective.

Do not forget that the exterminators need to have access to the area they are treating. This may mean that you have to move items of furniture around.

You may be reluctant to have pest control work carried out in your home but you need to put that reluctance aside. If you make sure that you hire licensed and reputable pest control experts to carry out the work they will tell you what you need to do to ensure the safety of you and your family, including any young babies. They will also make sure that the work is carried out effectively and that your home is restored to a pest free state as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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